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pac filter bags

  • Homo Polymer Acrylic Dust Collector Filter Bag For Non-ferrous Industry

    Contact NowHomo Polymer Acrylic Dust Collector Filter Bag For Non-ferrous IndustryAcrylic Filter Bag Acrylic filter bags are all polyacrylonitrile, also known as acrylic, English name Homopolymer Arcylic. It is a synthetic fiber filter material with good hydrolysis resistance , it is suitable for continuous operation at temperatures from 125 °C to 140 °C. It has good...Read More

  • Factory Directly Supply 500g Homopolymer -Acrylic Dust Filter Bag

    Contact NowFactory Directly Supply 500g Homopolymer -Acrylic Dust Filter BagAcrylic Dust Filter Bag Feature : 1.Material : 100% H omopolyacrylonitrile 2.Weight : 500g , 550g 3. Temperature : 125-150 Degree C 4. Better Acid and alkali resistance PH value : 3-11 5.Better hydrolysis resistance 6.Better Chemical resistance 7.Application : Watse incineration , Cement plant ,...Read More

  • MediumTemperature Acrylic Filter Bags

    Contact NowMediumTemperature Acrylic Filter BagsMedium temperature acrylic filter bags The acrylic filter bags are used where polyester is not suitable.It can be widely used in complexly chemical working conditions of dust treatments and recycling.Acrylic filter bags have higher tensile strength than polyester felt.Acrylic filter bags produce...Read More

  • Water and Oil Proof Acrylic Filter Bags

    Contact NowWater and Oil Proof Acrylic Filter BagsWater and oil proof acrylic filter bags Normally in filtration Polyacrylonitrile refers to homopolymer acrylic which is essentially made from 100 of acrylonitrile.Homopolymer acrylic needle felt and filter bags for industrial filtration.This kind of needle felt is with good ability of acid and...Read More

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