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PTFE Filter Bags The Higher The Filtration Accuracy, The Better The Filtration Effect

Filter bag material PP, PE, NMO, PTFE, etc., all raw materials are white, without any special bleaching and dyeing treatment, in full compliance with environmental standards. PTFE Filter Bags ring mouth is mainly stainless steel ring, PP ring and PE plastic ring mouth, stainless steel ring mouth is used in seam sewing, PP and PE ring is used in the seam sewing, Elimination of the material caused by the eye leakage filter, the use of stainless steel ring filter bag, it is installed on the equipment better sealing.

The precision of the filter bag material is expressed in microns, the higher the filtration accuracy, the better the filtration effect. Micron in front of the meaning of the number that is the smaller the number, the higher the accuracy of filtering.

The PTFE Filter Bags has the following advantages

1, the use of silicone oil-free high-speed industrial sewing machine production, will not produce silicone oil pollution problems.

2, pocket stitching improved after no high protrusions caused by side leakage, no needle and lead to side leakage phenomenon.

3, the filter bag marked on the product specifications of the label all selected easy to take off the way to prevent the use of the filter bag and ink on the filter contamination.

4, stainless steel and galvanized steel ring argon arc welding technology. Diameter error is only less than 0.5mm, the level of error is less than 0.2mm, the use of this ring made of filter bag installed in the device can improve the degree of sealing, reducing the risk of side leakage.

1. The function and structural characteristics of the filter

As the glass fiber brittle easy to break, wear resistance is poor, for some chemicals such as fluoride corrosion resistance is also poor, so it as a high temperature filter in the application of a great deal of limitations; another The PTFE fiberglass composites which have not been sintered by sintering process can not be firmly bonded to the glass fiber due to the low crystallinity of PTFE molecules. The protective layer of PTFE on the glass fiber is easy to fall off, and the high temperature and Corrosion, hydrolysis resistance, flexibility, wear resistance, bending and other properties are poor, as a high temperature filter its life is very short.

2. fiberglass cloth fiber surface treatment

Fiberglass cloth fibers are generally found in the pulp, grease and other impurities, if not clear the glass cloth on the pulp, self-lubricants, infiltrates, oils and other impurities, or impurity removal is not complete, inadequate, PTFE impregnation treatment, will affect the quality of the filter material sintering, glass fiber cloth and PTFE bonding is not good, made of poor performance of the filter. So the first through a non-physical wear and chemical erosion of the removal process, the complete removal of fiberglass cloth on the slurry, self-lubricants, infiltants, oils and other impurities, so that the glass fiber cloth fiber surface smooth,PTFE Filter Bags clean Effectively improve the adhesion of PTFE and glass fiber and firmness.

3. PTFE glass sintering process characteristics

After pretreatment of fiberglass and PTFE, the sintering process, after repeated sintering, the fiberglass filter cloth in each fiber surface are wrapped in a layer of dense PTFE protective layer, and the modulation of the PTFE solution by adding other Chemical additives, control the appropriate sintering temperature, speed, pressure and other processes to improve the crystallinity of PTFE molecules, and enhance the adhesion of PTFE and fiberglass cloth bonding strength and softness. Due to the high crystallinity of PTFE molecules,PTFE Filter Bags the PTFE crystal on the surface of the glass fiber is uniform, which can improve the fastness and adhesion of the two. The PTFE coating layer is formed on the surface of the glass fiber. PTFE is firmly bonded to the glass Fiber, which greatly improved the filter of the folding, corrosion resistance, wear and strength and other properties. Equipment bag filter can not only broaden its scope of application, but also greatly extend its service life.

4. Film technology and role

In order to further improve the working life and filtration performance of the filter material, puffed PTFE microporous film can be used, and the sintered glass fiber cloth can be melted and compounded by high temperature hot pressing process, and the glass fiber cloth, PTFE protective layer and PTFE microfine Hole film layer is very good to connect together to form a firm high temperature,PTFE Filter Bags corrosion resistance of PTFE glass sintered film filter, and its corrosion resistance, folding, wear resistance has been further improved, the service life Also further extended.

The filter material after film has the following properties:

(1) high filtration efficiency: microporous film has a unique cross-microporous properties, PTFE porous membrane porosity of 90% or more, superfine dust has a good filter performance, 0.3 ~ 1μm and above the fine dust can be Up to 99.99% of the filtration efficiency, can achieve near zero emissions;

(2) low running resistance: PTFE film itself because of non-sticky dust, hydrophobic and chemical properties and other characteristics of the film after the filter work surface is very smooth, dust stripping performance is very good, especially for strong hygroscopicity, easy to stick The kneaded dust has good peelability;

(3) corrosion resistance, folding, wear resistance to further improve: microporous film and PTFE glass fiber sintered filter compound, with better acid and alkali resistance, high temperature, high humidity and other characteristics;

(4) long life, filtration speed: film filter resistance is small and stable, fast filtration.

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