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PTFE Filter Bags Reduce Dust Emissions

TFE film dust bag is in the ordinary filter surface composite layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film and the formation of a new type of filter. This layer of film is equivalent to play a "one dust layer" role, the material exchange is carried out in the membrane surface, the use of the beginning can be effective filtration. Film-specific three-dimensional network structure, so that dust can not pass through,PTFE Filter Bags no pores blocked worry. Thereby reducing dust emissions. This filtering method is called "surface filtration". Film filter can not only achieve near zero emissions, and because the film is not sticky, the friction coefficient is small, so the powder will automatically fall off, to ensure long-term stability of the device resistance, so give full play to the advantages of bag filter is ideal filter material selection.

1. In general, industrial filtration methods are deep filter, after the dust bag in the appearance of a dust layer to reach the useful filter. From the beginning of the filter to form a useful filter for a long time, accounting for about 10% of the total length of the filtering process,PTFE Filter Bags the resistance is relatively large and the filter power is also very low, trapping is not complete, the pressure in the filter and blowback is relatively high , Cleaning frequent, high energy consumption, the use of longevity is not long, equipment covers an area of large. The use of film filter made of dust bag, dust can not enter the bag, close to the appearance of the filter, whether it is coarse, fine dust, almost all were retained in the filter surface, no initial filter, directly that is useful Filter, nearly 100% of the time in the filter state.

2. long life Film filter regardless of what kind of cleaning mechanism,PTFE Filter Bags can show excellent performance, is a dust collector planning function of the full performance of the filter material filter. So the cost of low prices. Film filter is a soft and tough structure of the organization, there is sufficient mechanical strength, coupled with an outstanding degree of ash, decreased the cleaning strength, in the low and stable pressure loss, long-term use, Extend the number of bags.

3. Low pressure, high throughput continuous operation. The traditional deep filter media, once put into use, dust penetration, establish a dust layer, breathability will be agile decline. Filtration, the accumulation of dust inside the formation of blocking the scene, and then increase the resistance of the dust removal equipment. Film filter with fine pore diameter and its viscosity,PTFE Filter Bags so that the dust penetration rate of nearly zero, put into use to provide the best filtering power, when deposited in the film filter surface of the filter to reach a certain thickness, it will Active fall, easy to clean, so that the filter pressure has been maintained at a very low level, the air flow has been maintained at a high level, can be a series of operations.

4. Simple cleaning. Ren Bao a filter of the operating pressure loss directly depends on the retention or retention in the filter after the appearance of the powder,PTFE Filter Bags the amount of dust, the length of cleaning time (film filter only a few seconds to), with a very good Of the cleaning characteristics, each time the ash can completely remove the dust layer, the filter will not form a plug inside, will not change the porosity and mass density, can often be maintained at low pressure loss operations.

In short, in the air filter technology in the ordinary dust bag is the use of fiber filtration; PTFE coating dust bag is used in membrane filtration. The size, weight, shape,PTFE Filter Bags pecking and dust concentration, filtration speed, cleaning method, discharge concentration and bag filter are selected according to the temperature, humidity and chemical properties of the gas System and operating costs and other factors into account.

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