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PTFE Filter Bags Has A Good Air Permeability, Smooth And Smooth Surface

PTFE Filter Bags Filter bag material PP, PE, NMO, PTFE, etc., all raw materials are white, without any special bleaching and dyeing treatment, in full compliance with environmental standards. Liquid filter bag ring mouth is mainly stainless steel ring, PP ring and PE plastic ring mouth, stainless steel ring mouth is used in seam sewing, PP and PE ring is used in the seam sewing, Elimination of the material caused by the eye leakage filter,PTFE Filter Bags the use of stainless steel ring filter bag, it is installed on the equipment better sealing.

The precision of the filter bag material is expressed in microns, the higher the filtration accuracy, the better the filtration effect. Micron in front of the meaning of the number that is the smaller the number,PTFE Filter Bags the higher the accuracy of filtering.

The liquid filter bag has the following advantages

1, the use of silicone oil-free high-speed industrial sewing machine production,PTFE Filter Bags will not produce silicone oil pollution problems.

2, pocket stitching improved after no high protrusions caused by side leakage, no needle and lead to side leakage phenomenon.

3, the filter bag marked on the product specifications of the label all selected easy to take off the way to prevent the use of the filter bag and ink on the filter contamination.

4, stainless steel and galvanized steel ring argon arc welding technology. Diameter error is only less than 0.5mm, the level of error is less than 0.2mm, the use of this ring made of filter bag installed in the device can improve the degree of sealing, reduce the risk of side leakage.

First, the normal temperature bag:

Normal temperature bag mainly by the polyester, polypropylene, acrylic and other fibers made by non-woven, textile technology, with good air permeability, smooth surface,PTFE Filter Bags good dimensional stability, easy to peel dust and other excellent performance. Mainly for the general industrial enterprises have dust pollution in the industry dust and room temperature flue gas management and other fields;

Second, the temperature of the bag:

With the country's emphasis on environmental protection, especially in recent years, the rapid development of bag dust technology industry, China began to use imported synthetic fiber can be developed to adapt to the more harsh conditions, long service life of high-performance filter material. At present, the more common medium temperature filter material is aramid fiber, PPS series fiber through the dip, waterproof, anti-oil, anti-corrosion process, so as to achieve the desired results;

Third, high temperature bags:

High temperature bag mainly by CONEX, NOMEX, P84, PTFE, expanded glass fiber, ultra-fine glass fiber and other high temperature fiber through the textile, non-woven processing, with good thermal stability, high filtration efficiency, long service life and other characteristics The Mainly used in a variety of high temperature flue gas conditions of dust.

With the industrial waste emission standards gradually improved, bag dust removal technology has been rapid development. Electric bag compound dust, electric bag to increase the dust removal project, brought about the increase in demand for high-end filter material, but also led the PTFE Filter Bags manufacturing technology and the rapid development of production scale. In particular, PTFE Filter Bags in the coal fired boiler dust removal project, 100% PTFE Filter Bags in the waste incineration project achieved good application performance, PTFE Filter Bags in these two areas of application, has accounted for a pivotal Status, so that the market supply of fiber materials show a rapid growth trend.

Because the PTFE Filter Bags manufacturing technology localization, coupled with the advantages of China's local reserves of fluorite mineral resources, and increasingly mature fluorine chemical technology, PTFE Filter Bags material is no longer the past that is expected to And the high price of materials. To the largest amount of chopped fiber, the past two years has been fluctuating between 16-20 million price, has also been bag dust industry can afford, with good materials. In the carding technology, 100% PTFE Filter Bags combing technology, PTFE Filter Bags composite fiber carding technology, have been a breakthrough. Therefore, from the material's own performance, and the current P3'FE filter application performance and bag dust industry trends in the future, PTFE Filter Bags is bound to become a strategic resource status of functional materials.

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