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PS Filter Bags To Achieve The Desired Service Life

PS Filter Bags for the PPS needle filter felt, it has the integrity of the integrity of the retention and internal chemical resistance, can be in harsh environments to maintain a good filter performance, and achieve the desired service life. PPS dust filter bag is mainly used for filtering coal-fired boilers, power plant fly ash dust treatment and other pulse cleaning dust collector. PPS needle felt polyphenylene sulfide fiber fiber is in recent years, high temperature organic fiber in a high-functional fiber ------ not only high temperature, but also with other high temperature resistant fiber excellent corrosion resistance. PPS needle made of polyphenylene sulfide fiber highlights the advantages in the following areas: PPS needle felt, PPS anti-corrosion dust filter bag, PPS high temperature dust bag, flue gas treatment special filter bag

1, good temperature resistance Melting point 285 ℃, continuous use temperature 190 ℃, instantaneous use temperature 230 ℃.

2, excellent corrosion resistance Polyphenylene sulfide fiber in resistance to organic acids, inorganic acids, acids, oxidants and other aspects are better than Nomex Conex and Kermel fiber.

3, excellent flame retardant polyphenylene sulfide fiber oxygen index LDI 34-35, PPS needle felt the fiber is a non-combustible material. Polyphenylene sulfide fiber needle felt not only has high temperature performance, but also the unique properties of corrosion resistance.

Widely used in smelting, chemical, building materials, thermal power, waste incinerator, coal-fired boilers and other industries high temperature conditions, is a high quality and efficient high temperature filter. I selected the United States and Japan, the production of polyphenylene sulfide fiber,PS Filter Bags in accordance with other high temperature needle punching felt production process, specializing in the production of polyphenylene sulfide PPS acupuncture felt, product quality to the level of similar foreign developed countries. Fiber composition

PPS + PTFE treatment dust bag high temperature corrosion resistant dust bag

In the field of bag dust, PPS high temperature dust bag is usually dust bag than the heart of bag filter, bag filter can handle what kind of dust, flue high temperature dust bag mainly depends on the use of The chemical fiber of the bag itself is the condition. General flue gas temperature conditions, only need to dust bag can withstand temperatures below 150 ℃, these occasions, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon and other chemical fibers can be basically qualified. For the relatively high flue gas temperature occasions, such as: chemical, carbon black and white carbon black exhaust, iron ore blast furnace gas, cement kiln kiln gas, calcium carbide kiln exhaust, casting, steel smelting, asphalt concrete asphalt Flue gas, PPS needle felt refractory brick furnace flue gas, coking flue gas, etc.,PS Filter Bags because these dusty dust due to resistance than the resistance is not suitable for collection of electrostatic precipitator, PPS high temperature dust bag can only be used Bag or other means to collect; the second is to reduce the temperature of dust-laden flue gas below 150 ℃ or higher by the site of the investment restrictions; Third, because the dust in the flue gas because of sulfur content, dust With the acid "dew point" dust flue gas can only be above the acid dew point that is higher temperature conditions such as filtration separation and other factors,PS Filter Bags so you need to have a higher temperature resistant chemical fiber high temperature bag used to make filter The

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