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Properties Of Bulk Glass Fiber Filter Material And Its Application

Properties of bulk glass fiber filter material and its application

Bulk glass fiber filter is to use some bulky yarn and weaving the fabric filter. Compared to bulk continuous fiber filter cloth and filter cloth, filter can significantly improve performance. Characteristics of continuous fiber filter cloth due to its structure, flow almost impossible through the twisting yarn, only from the weft yarn weaving through holes, in order to ensure the breathability of the fabric, yarn end holesare generally large, even if the filter layer is formed, filter also should not be too large, or easy to filter. Bulky yarn filter cloth due to yarn expanded pine can increased capture dust of surface area, extended capture dust of time, and benefit fine dust condensed into big particles, dust filter layer structure more loose, gap rate larger, and for expanded pine yarn cover capacity strong, can cover by, and weft interwoven at of air pathway to makes bulky yarn filter cloth filter resistance more small, filter efficiency and filter speed more high. Thick fabrics (such as 0.8mm) bulk filtration filtration rate can be increased to 0.8mm/min per cent. Also can be appliedto the Middle skeleton arms back blow the outer filter type dust collector. EWTF 18,001 Wei double 0.8mm thick, bulky yarn, RH filter for FVB l kiln flat bag dedusterof microearthquakes in large mechanical shaft kiln using this collector always filtered air volume is 60000m3/h, filter area for 2000m2, maximum filtration rate is 0.58m/min, the gas temperature is generally 50~80℃, up to 200~280℃, a year withoutdamage of the filter bag. Tested efficiency over 99.9%, export concentration of dust in less than 50mg/Nm3, the dust emission concentration below the national target. Collectible 12 tons of clinker per day, 300 days/year, recycled each year about600,000 yuan, resulting in a significant economic benefits.

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