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PPS Filter Cloth Reducing The Crack Resistance Of Filter Materials

PPS Filter Cloth is a high-temperature filtration material made from polyphenylene sulfide fiber through acupuncture skill, and has become the preferred filter for industrial factory dust Filter bag because of outstanding cost-effective.

PPS Filter Cloth has the characteristic of the general polymer fiber, under certain condition will react with the oxidant, in the dust catcher first is reacts with the oxygen in the flue gas. This kind of reaction will shorten the PPS fiber and even disconnect the base, reduce the crack strength of the filter material, make the filter bag split and lose the filtration effect, and then affect the dust removal power of the dust collector.

The factors of oxidation of PPS dust filter bag are three points:

(1) Rust of cage bone

The corrosion of the cage bone can promote the oxidation reaction of PPS filter material and make the filter material fail.

(2) Oxidation reaction with NOx and O2

Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS Fiber filter material has excellent acid and alkaline, widely used in incineration flue gas treatment category. However, when the content of oxygen (O2) in the flue gas is exceeded 10%, even if the working temperature is just over 165 ℃, the PPS will be oxidized, that is,PPS Filter Cloth the S and O contact in the PPS macromolecular structure, producing Sox. The original PPS molecule changes, do not have the original acid, alkali function, and then lose strength, direct performance is "broken bag."

(3) High temperature

The operating temperature is increased by 10 ℃, and the chemical corrosion of the active polyester fiber increases by one fold. In order for the filter material to reach a more durable life expectancy,PPS Filter Cloth it is necessary to consider carefully the chemical composition and water vapor content in the flue gas when the continuous operating temperature is determined.

After analyzing the oxidation characteristics of PPS dust bag, we can use the following methods to prevent the oxidation of PPS filter material:

(1) To protect the dust layer: dust-containing gas filtration is the first to rely on dust layer, first dust layer plays a more important effect than filter cloth, it makes the dust removal power greatly improved, together with the blocking of flue gas to prevent direct contact with the filter bag, the dust filter bag to protect the effect.

(2) Surface treatment of filter material.

The filter bag uses some surface reprocessing methods to damage the filter material directly from the harmful constituents (including oxygen) in the flue gas.

3 strictly control the inlet temperature of the dust remover.

Temperature is the condition of oxidation reaction, so that the inlet temperature of the dust remover is minimized, and the high temperature protection method can be used to achieve great effect. But the temperature should not be too low, should be higher than the dew point temperature. Otherwise the moist flue gas will be dew, the water vapor will be absorbed by the powder cake on the surface of the filter bag and make the powder cake layer sticky and hard to eradicate. When the water vapor and the powder cake react,PPS Filter Cloth the dust filter bag and the Dust collector box form acidic corrosion.

(4) Reducing oxygen content and dosage of compressed air

The volume ratio of oxygen contained in air is 21%, relatively high. Thus, reducing this amount of oxygen is a primary aspect.

(5) in the dust remover before the selection of desulfurization, denitration equipment.

Can effectively reduce the NOx and Sox content, and then extend the filter bag of the stature.

(6) Online ash cleaning.

Increasing the flow of the primer is actually reducing the amount of compressed air needed. In order to increase the flow, it is necessary to choose on-line cleaning ash. "Off-line" clear ash due to cut off the warehouse room flue gas, no flue gas supplement, drainage effect will not be very ambitious.

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