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Polyester Filter Cloths Of Various Parameters

Heat resistance: 120 ℃, elongation (%): 20-50, breaking strength (g/d): 438, melting point (℃) 238·240, melting point (℃): 2,551,260. Specific gravity: 1.38. Filter performance: polyester staple fiber raw material structure of the filter cloth are short and hairy, weave the fabric density, particle retention is good, but peeling and poorventilation. Strength resistance, leakage than polyester long fiber filter cloth.

Physical properties: moisture < 0.4%, 1.38 per cent.

Mechanical properties: high strength 4~5.5g/D, good elasticity and elastic recovery, 15~30% elongation, good wear resistance.

Chemical properties: acid no alkali.

Heat resistance: dry temperature < 200 ℃, humidity-temperature < 220 ℃, the soft point 230 c, the melting point of 256~265℃, heat resistance and deformation stability.

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