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Polyester Filter Cloth Waterproof And Anti-corrosion

1. Physical properties: temperature 80-100 ℃, the instantaneous temperature of up to 130 ℃

2. Chemical properties: strong acid weak base

3. Polyester filter bag classification

    Cement mill: ordinary polyester needle felt, polyester easy to clean needle felt (smoothness is better than ordinary, worse than the film),Polyester Filter Cloth  waterproof and anti-oil needle felt (that is, 2 anti-anti-condensation needle felt), polyester Film needle felt;

Coal mold: polyester anti-static needle felt, polyester blended anti-static needle felt, polyester three anti-acupuncture felt (waterproof anti-static),Polyester Filter Cloth  polyester three anti-plastic bag felt, polyester, Polyester mixed with plastic coated needle felt;

Coated: conductive fiber broken with other fibers mixed together, mixed anti-static effect

4. The difference between the film and the ordinary

Ordinary: fiber inner filter, dust into the internal, easy to block, short life

Features: high precision filter,Polyester Filter Cloth  easy to clean, waterproof and anti-corrosion, long life, additional: provincial labor, save time, power, shortcomings: poor ventilation; more The stronger the permeability is the better the film

5. Post-processing: singeing, calendering, PTFE impregnation (enhanced corrosion resistance), heat setting (so that the temperature is better)

6g thickness: 1.6-1.7mm; 550g / ㎡ ± 5%,Polyester Filter Cloth  the thickness of 1.7-1.8mm, thickening high precision filter, dust removal effect is good, breathable, the weight of the cloth weight: the weight per square meter, such as 500g / ㎡ ± 5% Small but not affecting production

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