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Polyester Filter Cloth Waterproof And Anti-corrosion, Long Service Life

Polyester filter cloth is made of polyester fiber made of filter material. Polyester filter cloth is divided into polyester long fiber filter cloth, polyester staple fiber cloth.

1. Physical properties: temperature 80-100 ℃, the instantaneous temperature of up to 130 ℃

2. Chemical nature: strong acid weak base

3. Polyester filter bag classification

    Cement grinding: ordinary polyester needle felt, polyester easy to clean needle felt (smoothness is better than ordinary, worse than the film), waterproof and anti-oil needle felt (that is, 2 anti-anti-condensation needle felt), polyester Film needle felt;

Peeling: polyester anti-static acupuncture felt, polyester blended anti-static needle felt, polyester three anti-acupuncture felt (waterproof anti-static), polyester three anti-covered needle felt, polyester , Polyester mixed with plastic coated needle felt;

Coated: conductive fiber broken with other fibers mixed together, mixed anti-static effect

4. The difference between the film and the ordinary

Ordinary: fiber inner filter, dust into the internal, easy to block, short service life

Features: high precision filter, easy to clean, waterproof and anti-corrosion, long life, additional: provincial labor, save time, power, shortcomings: poor ventilation; more The stronger the permeability is the better the film

5. Post-treatment: singeing, calendering, PTFE impregnation (enhanced corrosion resistance), heat setting (to better resistance to temperature)

6g thickness of 1.7-1.8mm, thicker high precision filter, dust removal effect is good, breathable, the weight of the weight of each piece of cloth, such as 500g / ㎡ ± 5%, thickness 1.6-1.7mm; 550g / ㎡ ± 5% Small but not affecting production

, Filter cloth has a variety of materials, do not use the filter to choose the right filter cloth to filter operation, usually in accordance with the actual needs of your production filter filter filter selected more targeted, not only the work efficiency is guaranteed, To complete the filtering work well, and the use of a long time, greatly saving your use of the cost, I hope you can pick attention to this issue. Xiaobian to teach you the following recipe simple selection method:

1, acid and alkali resistance

According to the pH of the filtrate and other chemical to choose, different degree of acid and alkali to choose their own filter cloth type. Acid resistance is the strongest polyester filter cloth, alkali resistance is the strongest vinylon cloth. Acid and alkali resistance at the same time is the polypropylene filter cloth.

2, high temperature

The temperature and temperature of the filter are also a major factor in the efficiency of the filter cloth. The highest temperature resistance is polyester filter cloth.

3, stripping

Filter residue of the performance, it directly affects the plate and frame filter press equipment efficiency. Slag surface smooth and no sticky, the filtrate will quickly from the filter cloth in the dialysis out, high filtration efficiency. On the contrary, the filter residue with adhesion, filtration time will be long, the efficiency of course will be reduced accordingly. And, the stronger the adhesion, the lower the efficiency. In the case of this situation will choose monofilament cloth or satin weave cloth.

4, wear resistance

The shape of the residue, the particles are uniform, the shape is hard, so as to consider the wear resistance of the filter cloth. Uneven size, and water chestnut, depending on the degree of choice. Wear resistance is the best polyester filter cloth and fabric filter cloth.

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