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Polyester Filter Cloth High Strength, Heat Resistance Is Also Very Good

We all know the relationship between filter press and filter cloth, but also know that the filter cloth material directly affects the filter press filter effect, today I give you a sense of what is the characteristics of polyester filter cloth.

    Polyester filter cloth is not only the advantages of ordinary felt filter cloth, and wear resistance and cost-effective to be better, is the most used in the carpet type filter cloth. Polyester fiber strength is high, heat resistance is also very helpful, not only strong and durable, and thermal stability is the best. Polyester filter cloth elastic close to the wool, wear resistance after the cotton, and the water insulation is good, widely used in various industries.

In the choice of polyester filter cloth, in order to achieve the retention effect and filtration speed are ideal, but also according to the slurry particles, density, viscosity, chemical composition, temperature and filtration process conditions to select the filter cloth. Polyester filter cloth moisture regain low moisture resistance, but because of low water absorption, friction generated by the electrostatic, poor dyeing performance; due to polyester fabric in the weaving of the material, the method is different, its strength, elongation , Permeability, thickness, etc. are different, thus affecting the filtration efficiency. In addition, the filter media also includes cotton fabrics, non-woven fabrics, screens, filter paper and microporous membrane.

     As the polyester filter cloth is the production of a variety of dust bags of essential products, many dust bag manufacturers will buy a lot of polyester filter cloth, and these polyester fabric can not be processed into dust bag, so it will be stored, and some manufacturers found The storage of polyester filter cloth can not be used, Xiao Bian to say is sure that your method is a problem, today Xiaobian for everyone talk about polyester filter cloth storage method bar

    Polyester filter cloth must be sealed in place, isolated from the air, to prevent moisture absorption, should not be exposed to sunlight, must be away from heat, place a cool dry place, to prevent water vapor, impurities into the polyester filter cloth and thus affect the quality, if the storage of two or more polyester Filter cloth, should be branded, and there are obvious signs, so as to ensure the quality of polyester filter cloth.

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