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Polyester Filter Cloth Good Permeability And Easy To Clear

Polyester filter cloth refers to the filter material made of polyester fiber. Polyester filter cloth is divided into polyester filament filter cloth, polyester staple fiber filter cloth.

1. Physical properties: Temperature 80-100 ℃, instantaneous temperature of up to 130 ℃

2. Chemical properties: Strong acid Weak base

3. Polyester Filter Bag classification

Cement Mill: Ordinary polyester needle felt, polyester easy to clear ash needle felt (smoothness is better than ordinary, than the film is poor), waterproof oil-resistant needle felt (that is 2 anti/anti-dew needle felt), polyester coated needle felt;

Coal Mill: Polyester anti-static needle felt, polyester blended anti-static needle felt, polyester three needle felt (waterproof and anti-oil anti-static), polyester three plastic coated needle felt, polyester mixed-guide waterproof and oil-resistant needle felt, polyester mixed-guide plastic coated needle felt;

Mixing: conductive fiber smashing with other fibers, mixed guide anti-static effect is good

4. Laminating and Ordinary Difference

Common: Fiber inner layer filtration, dust into the interior, easy to block, short service life

Laminating: Surface filtration, surface dirty, internal clean, advantages: high filtration precision, smooth and easy to clear ash, waterproof oil and anti-corrosion, long service life, additional: Province Labor, save time, power, disadvantage: poor permeability; the thicker the air, the better the membrane.

5. After treatment: singeing, calendering, PTFE impregnation (corrosion-resistant strengthening), heat stereotypes (to make the temperature better)

6. The weight of cloth: per square meter, such as 500g/㎡±5%, thickness of 1. $number. 7mm; 550g/㎡±5%, thickness 1.7-1.8mm, high filtration precision, good dust removal effect, small permeability but not affect production

Polyester Filter Cloth needle felt series of filter materials using Non-woven needle-punched technology, and by thermal stereotypes and other treatment methods made, widely used in industrial dust, dust control and so on. Good air permeability, after heat treatment, the surface smooth, difficult to deformation, easy to clear ash.

, the application in the high moisture content or contain a small amount of oil dust, can prevent paste bag, prolong the service life. Coated polyester needle felt filter material surface composite layer of porous PTFE (PTFE) film, with smooth surface, waterproof breathable, easy to clear ash and other characteristics, filtration efficiency, low operating resistance, less energy consumption, long service life, the real realization of "surface filtration."

The polyester needle felt cloth bag has high porosity in addition to the common felt filter bout good air permeability, high dust collection efficiency, long service life and other characteristics, because of its moderate temperature-resistant, instantaneous can reach 150 ℃, acid, alkali-moderate characteristics and has very good wear resistance, it is felt filter material used in the largest variety. 350g/m2~800/m2,Polyester Filter Cloth thickness 1mm~4mm, width of 2.2 below our factory can be produced, and can be cut to a variety of widths. Surface treatment According to the different requirements of working conditions, can be singeing, calendering or coating.

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