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Polyester Filter Cloth Completely Restore The Original Performance

Polyester Filter Cloth regeneration efficiency Filtration process, the Polyester Filter Cloth to be used repeatedly. In general, the Polyester Filter Cloth in the beginning of the use of less resistance, and with the use of time, the Polyester Filter Cloth part of the pores are solid particles blocked, so that filtration resistance increases, the filtration rate decreased, then Polyester Filter Cloth needs regeneration. No matter what kind of regeneration method, after the regeneration of the Polyester Filter Cloth can not fully restore the original performance, which there is the problem of regeneration efficiency. Because the regenerated Polyester Filter Cloth has a "regenerative performance stable period", the actual filtration rate of the equipment in production is the rate at which the Polyester Filter Cloth enters the "regenerative performance stable period". Therefore, in the selection of Polyester Filter Cloth, in the production of the provisions of the provisions of the filtration accuracy should be considered under the premise of selective regeneration performance Polyester Filter Cloth.

Polyester Filter Cloth regeneration performance and Polyester Filter Cloth material, fiber length, weaving and so on. In general, the performance of monofilament Polyester Filter Cloth is best I long multifilament Polyester Filter Cloth followed; short fiber Polyester Filter Cloth worst, dense structure of plain weave cloth, canvas cloth filter regeneration performance is poor; twill, satin Of the Polyester Filter Cloth regeneration performance.

Vacuum belt dewatering machine is the primary equipment for the secondary dewatering of the gypsum. The quality of the Polyester Filter Cloth determines the effect of the dehydration of the filter. The service life of the Polyester Filter Cloth is determined by the type, function, working condition and temperature of the filter Never decided. But in the process of using the Polyester Filter Cloth often show the phenomenon of congestion, which will seriously affect the Polyester Filter Cloth filter effect.

Some power plants are not twenty-four hours are on the boot, may stop using, like this situation if the downtime is not timely cleaning Polyester Filter Cloth, gypsum will appear in the Polyester Filter Cloth scale scaling, silted cloth appearance Gap, in the future will be difficult to use the cleaning, so shorten the life of the Polyester Filter Cloth, but also affect the role of filtration. So when the filter shut down, must first filter the appearance of residual plaster cleaning clean. Stick to the appearance of the Polyester Filter Cloth cleaning. Usually under the conditions of the Polyester Filter Cloth in the use of a period of time after the demand is replaced, because the Polyester Filter Cloth in the normal use of a period of time, there will be deformation, shrinkage occurs;

In addition, there are impurities in the filter material can not be washed in the Polyester Filter Cloth, although the Polyester Filter Cloth is not damaged but now has a serious impact on the filtration. From the cyclone out of the gypsum slurry acid insoluble content of the overrun will block the Polyester Filter Cloth, acid insoluble the main origin of three:

1, limestone powder containing insoluble in the acid content of the overrun, such as carbide, heavy metal ions, alumina, insoluble silicate, alumina, clay and other refractory materials

2, the use of technical water insoluble in acid ion impurities overruns, and some power plant technology is the use of water recycling, so the direct formation of water acid insoluble content of the product, and finally lead to acid slurry insoluble overshadowed, blocking Polyester Filter Cloth.

3, flue dust in the process of excessive impurities, especially electric dust, with high impurities, so the power plant to use bag dust.

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