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Polyester Filter Bags High Elasticity, Reverse Osmosis, Efficient Filtration

As the polyethylene terephthalate fiber is its main varieties, so that the Polyester Filter Bags fiber refers to the fiber. This kind of fiber looks very good, good thermal stability, but less hygroscopic. They are mainly used for making all kinds of clothing, bedding, interior decoration supplies, etc .; individual varieties such as: polyethylene 2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylate fiber is mainly used for industrial aspects.

Polyester Filter Bags fiber refers to a variety of diols and aromatic dicarboxylic acids or their esters by polycondensation of Polyester Filter Bags as raw materials made of fiber collectively. Specific varieties are: polyethylene terephthalate fiber, polybutylene terephthalate fiber, polytrimethylene terephthalate fiber, poly-terephthalic acid-1,4-cyclohexanedimethyl ester fiber , Poly-2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylate fibers, and a variety of modified polyethylene terephthalate fibers (e.g., CDP, ECDP, EDDP), and the like.

The so-called Polyester Filter Bags series of high-performance fiber is a relatively special physical and chemical structure, performance and use, or has a special function of Polyester Filter Bags fiber. Polyester Filter Bags series of high-performance fiber is mainly embodied in strong corrosion resistance, low wear resistance, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, flame retardant, high temperature, high strength and high modulus, high elasticity, reverse osmosis, high efficiency filtration, Exchange, light guide, conductive and a variety of medical functions. Most of these fibers are used in all aspects of industry, defense, medical, environmental protection and cutting-edge science.

PEN is derived from 2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylic acid and ethylene glycol polycondensation, since the new century, its synthesis technology has matured, and has begun mass supply market. At present, the global production of PEN enterprises only Teijin Group, Toyobo, Mitsubishi Chemical, M & G, Performance Fiber, DuPont and Kolon, such as one of the few Polyester Filter Bags-related businesses.

PEN excellent performance is mainly reflected in the relatively high heat resistance, PEN glass transition temperature of 113 ℃, much higher than the PET 65 ℃, so PEN products heat shrinkage rate is small, the ambient temperature is relatively high conditions, Thermal deformation is small, the relative size is stable. PEN thermal stability and thermal oxygen stability is better than PET, the initial decomposition temperature higher than PET 30 ℃, higher than the melting point of the temperature of the oxygen sensitivity is not significant, so PEN products can be long-term at 155 ℃ (F-class insulating film), can be short-term high temperature processing at 300 ℃ (welding, evaporation and spray coating). PEN physical and mechanical properties better than PET, coupled with low heat shrinkage, is the ideal material for the manufacture of tire cord; gas barrier and UV resistance is better than PET, more than 320 nm wavelength of 100% through PET, and PEN Can be completely blocked the wavelength of 380nm below the UV; In addition, PEN is still ideal polymer anti-UV modifier, such as PET and the mole fraction of 10% PEN blends can completely block the wavelength of 370 nm below the UV, Silk will not break down, volatile. PEN also has a high chemical stability, acid, alkali and hydrolysis resistance is better than PET, and the adsorption capacity of organic matter is low, not susceptible to pollution, easy to clean.

Polyester Filter Bags industry in the ultra-high strength, ultra-low shrinkage, wear-resistant, activated and other varieties can be conveyor belt, V-belt, PVC coated fabric, airbags, fire hose, hose and other skeleton materials , Is widely used in coal, metallurgy, mining, chemical, port and other industries. The main properties of such products are reflected in the relatively high modulus, the appropriate tensile strength; long-term high temperature or low temperature alternating environmental conditions, stable physical and mechanical properties and creep resistance; to withstand environmental erosion and some chemical corrosion.

The relatively coarse Polyester Filter Bags Polyester Filter Bags filament is the best choice for Polyester Filter Bags canvas, triangular conveyor belts and synchrotron frame materials used in harsh environments. Fine Polyester Filter Bags Polyester Filter Bags silk industry gradually to the infiltration bags and other areas of fabric penetration. Car airbags have been used in bulk for Polyester Filter Bags filaments and partially replace nylon fibers.

In the original high-strength low-stretch industrial silk varieties on the technical improvement after the high-strength wear-resistant industrial wire products, can replace the import of industrial yarn, is used as a dedicated car seat belt, the product is divided into high strength and low extension and strong Medium stretch to suit different webbing requirements. The product in the manufacturing process of wool and dyeing uniformity has strict requirements.

The high strength and low shrinkage Polyester Filter Bags industrial filament as raw material to produce PVC cloth cover cloth, has a high peel strength and tear strength, can be applied to a variety of purposes, such as flexible body advertising light box material, inflatable structural materials, Shade tents and so on. The biggest feature of the product is good thermal stability. High-strength low-shrinkage industrial silk-based fabric materials in special protective clothing, camouflage, cover, rucksack and other military needs have also been applied. The surface treatment of fluorocarbon lubricants for Polyester Filter Bags filaments improves the water repellency and oil repellency of Polyester Filter Bags fibers, and solves the "wick hygroscopic effect" of PVC coated fabrics.

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