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New Considerations For Filtering Cloth

1. Around the filter cloth filter plate pressing contact should ensure that smooth, not wrinkled, to avoid damage or mud leak filter plate pressing filter cloth.

2. To avoid retaining ring tail too long can stretch into the damaged parts of the filter press filter cloth, or cause mud leak should be cut off and a short tail.

3. The installation, be aware that filtering cloth free of foreign objects with the filterplate or large sludge particles, larger sludge or foreign objects may be on board,cause damage to the filter or filter cloth.

4. Installation of the filter cloth to the attention of both sides (the slurry surface and not on mud surface), General not particular cases, cloth fabric (Glazier) to slurry.Or installation errors will be as prone to clogging of the filter cloth, filter efficiencyis low.

5. When installing the filter cloth, not with tabs to lock filter cloth too tightly, or remaining in the filter press contacts filter automatic cleaning of sludge cannot be removed.

6. Stand-by filter fabric should be stored in a cool dry place, recommended dark shade cloth to protect and avoid UV exposure, and prevent aging of the filter clothmaterial.

7. And installation filter cloth zhiqian, need first installation support filter cloth, its role is in row mud Shi, will filter cloth was filter cake for gravity role down quickly from and may friction filter Board surface convex points of wear sex down to minimum degree, to protection filter filter cloth, extended filter filter cloth of using life, and promotion filter effect, support filter cloth of installation method can reference van type filter cloth of installation method, roughly same.

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