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How To Extend The Use Life Of Filter Bags II

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Different working condition need to use right filter bags for extend the use life of filter bags . 

4. The type of flue gas 

Due to different types of coal in fule gas, the proportion of dust is also different. The dust can be divided into organic dust, inorganic dust, and mixed dust according to the different composition of matter. The analysis of inorganic dust in smoke mainly includes elements such as SiO2, FeA, CaO, MgO, and Mn. Among them, SiO2 and Fe203 are mainly used for the scouring of filter bags. Their particle size is very small, and they are under the effect of wind speed. The high frequency of flushing the filter bag increases the damage of the filter bag. In front of the analysis of coal, different coal varieties SiO2, FeA content will be different. For example, the content of SiO2 in raw coal and thorium coal is about 55%, but the content of SiO2 in coal gangue is more than 60%. It can be imagined that their presence directly affects the service life of the filter bag.


Temperature is one of the important indicators for the use of filter media, and the temperature determines the service life of the filter media. Filters can be divided according to the temperature can withstand: normal temperature filter material, medium temperature filter material, high temperature filter material. The filter material can only prolong its service life at the best use temperature. If the temperature is too high, it is easy for the filter material with relatively weak flame retardancy to cause burning and even fire. However, when the temperature is too low, condensation and corrosion may occur. Therefore, when using the filter, the temperature is usually increased by 10°C-20°C at the dew point temperature.

6. The content of oxygen

It is not surprising that oxygen is contained in the flue gas, but for different media, we must consider: oxygen content, temperature. When the filter material is under the extreme temperature, if oxygen is present, the oxygen will slowly oxidize the filter bag, making the filter bag green and brittle, and directly reducing the service life of the filter material. Therefore, when customizing different filter materials, oxygen is contained. Quantity is an indicator that cannot be ignored. The higher the oxygen content, the higher the moisture content.

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