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How To Extend The Use Life Of Filter Bags

Different working condition need to use right filter bags for extend the use life of filter bags . 

  1. The flue gas amount 

The Coal burned, then smoke generated. The flue gas enters the dust collector through the pipeline called the inlet flue gas. The amount of the inlet flue gas affects the service life of the dust filter bag. In the case of  large amount of inlet flue gas, if the filtration area is small and the filtration wind speed is large, the pressure of the dust collector will increase, resulting in an increase in the pressure of the dust filter bag, and intensify the damage of the dust filter bag. Because the choice of coal is good or bad, the amount of flue gas is determined, and the amount of flue gas directly affects the service life of the filter bag.

2. The content of flue gas 

Due to the different types of coal selected, the amount of dust contained in the flue gas is different. When the dust enters the dust collector, the dust with a large diameter falls or falls under the filter bag due to the difference in dust diameter and weight. It falls off, and dust with a small particle size generates kinetic energy due to wind speed. When the dust is trapped by the filter bag and is collected on the cloth bag, the kinetic energy is converted to zero, which will inevitably cause impact on the filter bag; under the action of kinetic energy, the dust will constantly flush the filter bag, if the smoke contains large amount of dust , filter wind speed, filter bag will withstand thousands of times friction and erosion, and the surface of the filter bag fiber can not withstand the erosion and fall off, damage filter bag filter efficiency. Therefore, for the working conditions with large smoke content, the wear resistance of the needle felt needs to be taken into account. The purpose is to prolong the service life of the filter material itself.

3.The size of flue gas particles

According to the particle size classification can be divided into: coarse dust (particle size greater than 40um), fine dust (particle size 10un-40nm), dust (l0un below). Because of their different particle sizes, the impact force on the dust filter bag is not the same, and the dust also contains a large number of acidic substances and alkaline substances, their diameter is very small, when intercepted by the bag, the role of the filter in the wind speed It still cannot fall off, remains on the surface of the filter or enters the interior of the filter. When combined with moisture, it will stick the filter bag and cause chemical changes in the filter material to cause corrosion. Therefore, when choosing the filter material, the size of the dust particle size can be considered as an indicator.

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