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How To Choose The Right Filter Cloth

1. The cake shape. In landfill leachate by solid shape is hard to consider the wear resistance of the filter cloth. Size, and water chestnuts, depending on the degree ofchoice. Best wear resistance is the fullness on the filter cloth and filter cloth.

2. The fluid temperature. Temperatures are also affecting the filter cloth and filter efficiency, if the landfill leachate is at a higher temperature, then choose the highesttemperature resistance on the filter cloth.

3. Filtrate viscosity. Smooth surface residue without adhesion, dialysis in the filtrateto quickly filter cloth, filter time is short, high efficiency. If the residue of adhesive, filter, President of the time, efficiency will be reduced accordingly, of course, stronger adhesive, efficiency is low. At this time we are going to choose monofilament filter cloth or satin weave filter cloth.

4. The pH of the filtrate. Different pH level select a filter type. Resistance is the most acidic polyester cloth, resistance is strongest vinylon filter cloths. Both acid and alkali is polypropylene filter cloth.

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