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Glass Fiber Acupuncture Felt Filter

Glass fiber acupuncture felt filter

Glass fiber acupuncture felt filter material is by glass fiber short cut original silk by Combs into felt Hou with acupuncture method solid with Yu glass fiber base cloth Shang, to strengthening felt layer and fabric of combined fastness, and protection felt layer and base cloth from by wear and corrosion, improve felt layer surface of powder layer stripping sex, also must for chemical processing, to made solid, durable of glass fiber acupuncture felt filter material. Glass fiber acupuncture felt filter material is currently glass fiber filter material in the grade highest, and performance best of filter material, it not only has glass fiber fabric filter cloth of resistance high temperature, and wear sex, and size stable, and elongation rate big, and strength high of advantages, and due to felt layer fiber is single fiber three to micro-hole structure, for filter of fine hole aperture small, gap rate high (can up 80%), its filter mechanism not only by screen filter, but set screen filter, and block, and inertia especially diffusion, role, so it than fabric filter material of filter speed can improve 1~2 times, filter resistance small, and High efficiency, is a high performance high temperature filter material. Breakthroughs fiberglass filter in the past cannot be used in pulse bag filter area and solves the high temperature flue gas dedusting bagfilter to the development of smaller issues, theory and practice to solve technology problems to filter tiny particles of dust, gases, especially high temperature gas dust filtration and collection of raw materials in replacement products.

Development of glass fiber acupuncture felt filter material carbon black industry played an important role in promoting carbon black production process, the smallest bag filter collection is our first product, continuous temperature of about 240℃, bag filter here is not only the more important is the production of environmental protection equipment equipment, therefore filtering to filter performance and life very seriously.

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