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Filter Cloth To Avoid And Reduce The Occurrence Of Paste Bag Phenomenon

1, burning pressure treatment

Burning equipment, after processing the needle felt filter single and double sided with ordinary singeing and calendering treatment unparalleled advantages,Filter Cloth both to improve the cleaning performance of the filter, but also to meet the fine dust collection.

2, anti-static treatment

Some dust in a specific concentration state, the case of spark will occur burning.

So for flammable and explosive dust should be selected by the anti-static treatment of needle felt felt filter. Antistatic filter material refers to the filter fiber mixed with conductive fibers,Filter Cloth so that the entire filter has a conductive performance.

3, waterproof and oil treatment

The use of fluorocarbon resin and PTFE impregnated anti-oil and water treatment of the needle felt filter, the wet dust gas (especially for absorbent, deliquescence dust) filter bag surface easier to capture dust, to avoid and reduce the paste The occurrence of the phenomenon.

4, easy to clean treatment

The use of patented technology to produce easy to clean needle felt filter itself is dense and breathable, with good cleaning performance, and can be a high filter wind speed for a long time to work.

5, impregnation treatment

The principle of dipping: The general principle is that the liquid (active component) penetrates into the carrier voids by capillary pressure; but if there is a vacuum,Filter Cloth then the internal and external pressure differential is also a factor in the entry of the active ingredient.

6, coating

Is for the protection, insulation, decoration and other purposes, coated on metal, fabric, plastic and other substrates on the plastic layer. Paint can be gaseous, liquid, solid,Filter Cloth Filter Cloth usually according to the need to spray the substrate to determine the type and status of paint.

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