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Filter Cloth The Filter Has A Good Slagging Capacity

Filtering of Filter Cloth According to the changes in the nature of impurities during filtration can be divided into physical filtration and chemical filtration. Bag filter system is a physical filter, is a liquid in the removal of solid or colloidal particles of the dead end of the filter method.

According to the filter object is divided into gas filtration and liquid filtration: gas filtration mainly refers to the removal of oil in the oil, water and other particulate impurities; we refer to the liquid filter mainly refers to solid-liquid separation, concentrated in the field of physical filtration; In addition to a lot of taste through the chemical treatment to complete,Filter Cloth so not entirely in our reference to the scope of liquid filtration, but a small amount of deodorization in addition to taste work can be carried out through our activated carbon filter bag adsorption.

Physical filter impurity retention mechanism 

Mechanical interception: with the retention of its pore size or pore size equivalent to the role of particles such as impurities, that is screening effect.

Physical effects or adsorption entanglement: In addition to considering the pore size factors, but also consider the impact of other factors, including adsorption and electrical properties (such as static electricity).

The bridging effect: It can be observed by electron microscopy that at the entrance of the hole, the particles can also be trapped by the bridging action.

Internal interception: This interception is the retention of particles in the film inside, not cut off the surface of the membrane

Liquid filtration can be divided into deep filtration and absolute filtration

Deep filtration is in the filter layer on the surface and the internal interception of the filter, non-woven (also known as non-woven) within the non-woven fibers are intertwined with irregular, large particles first blocked in the non-woven outside, small A little penetration into, but to a certain depth and was intercepted, a little smaller impurity further in depth, and finally through the smaller size of a particle and a small amount of particles larger than this size.

Generally used for deep filtration of the polypropylene, polyester, NOMEX,Filter Cloth PTFE and other materials, filter bags, non-woven fabrics and other filter materials, the internal structure, the thickness of the material, the fiber surface will be the depth of the filter interception efficiency influences.

Typically, this filter is also known as relative filtration, and the filtration accuracy is often defined by the filtration efficiency of impurities of a certain pore size.Sam can help you choose the right filter bag.

Absolute filtration is the use of surface blocking filter, larger than a certain size of the particles 95-99.9% were intercepted, less than the size of the particles all through.

Usually used for absolute filtration of polypropylene, polyester,Filter Cloth nylon and other monofilament or multi-wire and stainless steel filter and other materials filter bag.

Single fiber absolute filter has a good slagging capacity; multi-fiber absolute filter with high strength and filter colloid ability.

The diameter of the surface of the bag material must be the same size, the fiber weave must be tight and firm, the material after the joint requirements can withstand greater pressure in order to prevent leakage occurs, strictly guarantee the effect of absolute filtration.

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