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Filter Cloth Easy To Operate, Safe, Effort

Plate and frame filter press filter, the filter between the spray phenomenon how to deal with?

1, may be caused by excessive feed pressure spray, many users do not install the pressure gauge on the feed line, resulting in feed pressure out of control, and ultimately cause spray material.

2, the filter plate compression of the top tight force is not enough, the feed pressure increases, the filter plate between the force will cause the filter plate to open spray material.

3, the filter plate sealing surface with cake and other debris attached to the surface, the filter plate has a large gap after the existence of pressure, so the removal of the cake after the sealing surface should be cleaned.

4, the filter plate sealing surface has been through the groove or filter plate itself has been damaged.

2, the use of plate and frame filter how to judge the sludge dry?

Plate and frame filter press sludge is theoretically impossible to dry, can only be understood as the end of the feeding process, from the following two points to determine:

The feed pressure has reached the upper limit of feed pressure

Filter plate discharge significantly reduced. If you want to further reduce the water content of the filter cake.

You can take the following two ways:

Increase the feed pressure (before the hydraulic cylinder pressure enough)

Through the compressed air, carry out the wind away the water

3, filter press filter cloth

Filter press is divided into box filter press, belt filter press, belt type dehydration one machine is sludge, food commonly used filter separation equipment, in the early 18th century on the application of chemical production, is still widely used in chemical , Pharmaceutical, metallurgy, dyes, food, brewing, ceramics and environmental protection industries. The filter press is composed of a plurality of filter plates and a filter frame to form a filter chamber, and the pressure is used as the filter driving force filter. Filter press for intermittent operation, a frame filter press, box filter and vertical filter press 3 categories. Filter plate with stable performance, easy operation, safety, effort, metal and plastic filter plate casting molding, high temperature, high pressure, durable. In the use of the filter press, because the filter itself is the same specifications, so for different filtering objects required for different filtering accuracy, speed, etc., are through the use of different filter press filter [1] Also known as filter press filter bag to achieve, each piece of filter press filter is a filter cloth wrapped, for different filter object acid and alkali requirements, tensile strength, filtration accuracy, filtration speed and other requirements, first determine the use of The filter cloth material, model, and then according to the size of the filter plate, shape, processing and matching filter bag, set in the filter cloth above, so that the filter is the heart of the filter, in the filter is also the case.

Filter cloth instructions

Polyester, polypropylene, vinylon by the relevant health sector identification, for food, pharmaceutical and other industries have no side effects on human health.

Food, pharmaceutical industry before the application of warm water rinse, so as not to bring the dirt into the cloth.

When cutting, with iron iron ironing for the best (with 1500W electric iron), to prevent loose latitude and longitude line. The sewing thread must use the same line of performance.

After the use of filter cloth, if the clogs blocked cloth holes, so that cloth body hair hard affect the filtration rate, according to a variety of fiber properties using acetone, oxalic acid, toluene, caustic soda, alcohol and other solutions, soaking,

(Depending on the concentration may be) to soften the cloth body to restore the hydrophobic and breathability of the filter cloth to improve the filter cloth usage.

Can produce special specifications of the product. If the width of the cloth can be increased or decreased, the size of the bag can be arbitrarily selected, but please inform the first half to 1 month, so that the product can be planned to produce.

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