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Filter Cloth Clean The Life Of The Extension

Filter cloth in life for air filtration and removal of dust, to contribute to the purification of the ambient air, in the smelter, chemical plants, sugar and other aspects have been applied by the natural fiber or synthetic fiber woven into. These are known to everyone, then the use of filter cloth, what are you do not know?

Filter cloth close to zero emissions, to achieve the most stringent environmental standards.

Good cleaning, can provide a higher ventilation, or can reduce the pressure.

Filter bag life extension, the reduction in the number of clean-up, so that equipment maintenance costs.

A higher air-to-cloth ratio can be designed with a smaller dust collector, reducing the energy consumption when the pressure is reduced.

Dust bag from the temperature can be divided into three categories: room temperature such as polyester needle felt bag, anti-static dust bag, easy to clean dust bag, the temperature, such as polyester coated needle felt bag, three anti-dust bag, Oil needle felt, high temperature category such as the United States Tust dust bag, fluoride cloth bags, fiberglass needle felt bag, PPS Naisuan Jian bag.

Select the dust bag should be based on the gas temperature, humidity and chemical properties; particle size, weight, shape, dust concentration filtration rate, cleaning methods, emission concentration and bag filter system and other factors.

Vacuum belt dewatering machine is an important equipment for the secondary dehydration of gypsum. The quality of the filter cloth determines the effect of the dehydration of the filter. The service life of the filter cloth is determined by the type, performance, working condition and temperature of the filter To decide. But in the use of the filter cloth often occurs in the phenomenon of congestion, which will seriously affect the filter cloth filter effect.

   Some power plants are not twenty-four hours in the boot, may stop using, as in this case if the downtime is not timely cleaning filter cloth, gypsum will appear in the filter cloth surface scaling, silted cloth cloth surface Gap, in the future will be difficult to clean the use, so as to shorten the life of the filter cloth, but also affect the filter effect. So the filter shutdown, must first filter the surface of the residual gypsum clean. Keep the surface of the filter cloth clean. Under normal circumstances the filter cloth in the use of a period of time when the need to be replaced, because the filter cloth in the normal use of a period of time, there will be deformation, shrinkage occurs;

  In addition there are impurities in the treatment of impurities in the filter cloth can not be washed off, although the filter cloth is not damaged but has seriously affected the filter effect. From the cyclone out of the gypsum slurry in the acid insoluble content of excessive will block the filter cloth, acid insoluble the main source of three: 1, limestone powder containing insoluble in the acid content of substances such as carbides, heavy metal ions, Aluminum dioxide, insoluble silicate, alumina, clay and other refractory materials 2, the use of water-insoluble acid impurities in the water exceeded, and some power plant process water is recycled, so that the process directly caused by acid High content, and ultimately lead to serious acid insoluble in the slurry exceeded, blocking the filter cloth. 3, flue dust in the process of excessive impurities, especially electric dust, with high impurities, it is recommended to use dust bag bag.

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