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Filter Bag To Ensure The Premise Of High-quality Filter Production

At present, whether it is bag filter manufacturers or direct users, in the selection of filter media, the filter manufacturers will be required to provide specific filter technology parameters. And the required technical parameters, often emphasis on:

(1) the weight of the filter (unit area mass). As the filter is a textile product, the measured value and the nominal value must be biased. According to the national standard,Filter Bag the mass per unit area of the needle felt filter can tolerate a deviation of +/- 5%. But some users, for the prevention of filter media suppliers cut the purpose of the cut (and possibly other purposes?) Often to the filter bag manufacturers, such as the weight of the filter must be greater than or equal to 550 g / m2 and other requirements. If the filter manufacturers respond to the request to make a commitment, it means that the filter material in the production must control the filter weight in the 580g / m2, that is, the nominal value of the filter is 580 grams and should not be another 550 grams The

(2) the thickness or density of the filter; GB in the filter thickness is also allowed to +/- 10% of the deviation.

(3) the permeability of the filter; Note: the density of the filter and the permeability is associated. High-quality acupuncture equipment and technology is to ensure the premise of high-quality filter production. If the filter is not dense enough, the permeability may be very good,Filter Bag the filter filter efficiency and dehumidification performance will be worse.

(4) the strength and elongation of the filter material;

(5) the temperature performance of the filter (to allow continuous operation of the temperature and can withstand the instantaneous operating temperature). As the filter manufacturers, must be responsible for the user according to the expected filter bag life (such as 30,000 operating hours or 45 months, etc.), according to the fiber raw materials temperature and chemical resistance (resistance to oxidation and hydrolysis resistance) The maximum permissible operating temperature and maximum instantaneous operating temperature are allowed for the selected filter media. If the actual flue gas temperature often exceeds the maximum continuous operating temperature allowed by the filter, the user must consider: or take measures on the system to increase the heat exchange efficiency of the system equipment such as the preheater and reduce the exhaust gas temperature; The expected life expectancy of the filter bag (eg, the requirement to give up 30,000 operating hours). It is also reasonable to propose a maximum instantaneous operating temperature for the filter, since the system may indeed have an instantaneous overtemperature (over temperature means that it exceeds the maximum continuous operating temperature). Here must also pay attention to two points: First, the filter allows the maximum instantaneous operating temperature can not be exceeded; Second, over-temperature is instantaneous,Filter Bag there is a time on the agreement, the general requirements of each time to allow a few minutes, The total over-temperature time can not exceed the number of hours and so on.

(6) heat shrinkage of the filter. As most of the filter is made of chemical fiber, in a certain temperature conditions, heat transfer occurs in the filter, so the filter production must be heat-setting treatment. Heat setting process is critical, but also often by the filter manufacturers for technical confidentiality. Both at home and abroad have occurred due to heat shrinkage of the filter bag caused by the top of the bag (the top of the cage is not fixed) or the top of the case at the bottom of the dust filter bag. However, the filter bag,Filter Bag especially 8 to 9 meters long filter bag, hanging on the board will have a self-gravity plus dust full of dust force down the stretch bag, so the heat shrinkage of the filter and The elongation is also a factor that needs to be balanced. Excessive heat setting, or excessive demand for heat shrinkage is small, may also cause the bag in the course of the elongation, and thus will shorten the actual life of the filter bag.

In fact, the filter elements used in the functional elements or performance, not only mentioned above the durability of these filters (or the expected life, etc.) and other quality technical requirements. As a material for filtering dust particles, the functional (performance) of the filter material must be met:

First, the filter filter efficiency of technical indicators;

Second, the filter material of the ash performance specifications.

Users in the choice of filter media, there will often be dust emission control must be less than 30 ~ 50 mg / Nm3 requirements, there will be a filter running resistance is less than 1000 ~ 1200 Pa requirements, but the choice of the filter is able to achieve These requirements, but it is not possible to propose specific indicators such as testing. In fact, as a good filter manufacturers,Filter Bag research and development of filter media will be very concerned about the specific filter media filtration efficiency and dehumidification performance. The reason why the market today there are a variety of surface treatment of the filter, that is, filter manufacturers continue to focus on filter filter efficiency and the results of dehumidification performance.

For the domestic power plant coal-fired boiler flue gas purifier bag filter many users, the most concerned about the problem is the life of the filter bag. There are two main factors that affect the life of the dust bag: one is the heat and chemical properties of the flue gas; the second is the mechanical loss of the filter bag during the filtration and cleaning process. If the heat and chemical properties of flue gas on the selection of chemical fiber filter a great impact, such as PPS filter oxidation, acid condensation and ultra-high temperature operation,Filter Bag the filter bag may soon break failure. This time, even if the filter itself, the functionality (filtration efficiency and dehumidification performance) is very good quality, but also does not reflect the quality of its performance should be valuable. This is determined by the PPS fiber itself or the inherent heat and chemical corrosion resistance. In the face of bad flue gas, the fate of each filter manufacturer is the same.

However, in the filter can accept the normal operation of the flue gas conditions, the performance quality of the filter will determine the actual life of the filter bag. The functional (performance) quality of the filter material mainly refers to the filtration efficiency and the dehumidification performance. Filter filter efficiency is good, means that the dust can be well blocked in the filter surface and rarely penetrate into the middle of the filter, not only to reduce the dust particles in the filter bag movement of the filter fiber wear, but also So that the dust on the surface of the filter material can be removed by the maximum amount of dust; superior performance, the filter material due to dust layer formation and the formation of the running resistance is low,Filter Bag once the ash and then set to set the cleaning pressure cycle Greatly extended; the longer the cleaning cycle, the need to clean the bag will be reduced the number of times, thus reducing the number of mechanical damage bag, extending the life of the filter bag. Here need to point out that: At present, many domestic bag filter users, have not used "constant pressure" cleaning and more use of "regular" cleaning. The timing of the lack of cleaning is when the filter bag operating pressure may not be high, the filter bag on the implementation of cleaning, which increases the filter bag mechanical damage opportunities and the number of times.

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