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Fiberglass Needle Felt Excellent Performance, Effective Control Of Dust Pollution

Fiberglass Needle Felt is a reasonable structure, excellent performance of the new high-temperature filter material, which is fiberglass as raw material, needle into a felt. With three-dimensional pore structure, voids, high rate, low resistance, dust removal efficiency than fabric filter, up to 99.9%. Filtration speed than fabric filter twice as high. The filter is suitable for carbon black chemical, steel, metallurgy, coal-fired boilers, refractories and cement and other industries of high temperature flue gas filtration. It is suitable for use in pulse cleaning and high speed anti-blowing bag filter. High temperature, corrosive media, long-term test, excellent performance, effective control of dust pollution, the recovery of valuable particles of the product.

First, the fine features

1, good heat insulation: According to the physical principle, the thermal conductivity of the gas is small, excellent heat insulation material inside a lot of air holes. The glass fiber needle cotton has numerous fine gas, and the fiber is irregular arrangement, for the excellent insulation material, thermal conductivity of 0.2 ~ 0.040kcal / mhr. C between;

2, will not burn the main components of glass fiber silicide (accounting for more than 50%), with non-flammable, no deformation, no embrittlement, high temperature of 7000C;

3, sound absorption is good: when the sound wave into the glass fiber cotton, the energy will be different from the fiber and the size of the cavitation of friction, and was a lot of inhalation. In general, the sound absorption rate is as high as 90% or more, is to prevent noise interference;

4, high insulation: glass fiber can be high temperature, good mechanical, and high chemical stability, is the best insulation material;

5, high corrosion resistance: glass fiber is not afraid of strong acid, alkali, for a long time will not reduce its functional characteristics;

6, good recovery: glass fiber contains numerous fixed cavitation, excellent recovery. Not afraid of any shock vibration, tensile strength are more than 1.0kg.

7, low moisture absorption: moisture absorption rate is usually close to zero.

8, light weight: soft Compared with other insulation materials, Fiberglass Needle Felt the lightest and most soft, if installed on the machine, can reduce the weight and vibration load.

9, the construction of simple: size can be cut according to customers.

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