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Fiberglass Filter Cloth Reliable Operation, High Degree Of Automation

Fiberglass Filter Cloth plate filter treatment effect is good, good water quality, water quality and stability, equipment, reliable operation, a high degree of automation. Is the ideal water reuse process filtration system preferred equipment.

Fiberglass Fiberglass Filter Cloth turntable filter is mainly used for cooling the circulating water treatment, the depth of wastewater treatment after reuse. As cooling water, recycled water after filtration reuse: water quality SS ≤ 80mg / L the following, the water quality SS ≤ 10mg / L. It is used in the following areas: ① Removal of total suspended solids (2) Combined with conventional activated sludge method, delayed aeration method, SBR system, oxidation ditch system, drip tank system and oxidation pond system. Dosing can remove phosphorus ③ can remove heavy metals and so on.

The filter bag is a key part of the bag filter operation, usually cylindrical filter bag hanging vertically in the dust collector. Filter bag fabric and design should try to pursue efficient filtration, easy dust stripping and durable effect.

In the pulse and air box type pulse dust collector, the dust is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag. Dusty gas through the dust collector, the dust was trapped in the outer surface of the filter bag, and clean gas through the filter into the filter bag inside. The cage inside the bag is used to support the filter bag to prevent the bag from collapsing, and it helps to remove and redistribute the dust.

* Fiberglass Filter Cloth is based on the thickness of the filter layer filter, are deep filter

* The depth of the entire filter layer formed by the three-dimensional porous porous structure, from the inside and outside from the loose to the

1, gas cleaning: gas cleaning is by means of high pressure gas or external atmospheric blowing bag to remove the fouling on the filter bag. Gas cleaning, including pulse jet cleaning, anti-blowing dust and anti-suction cleaning.

2, mechanical vibration cleaning: the top of the razor cleaning and the middle of the anti-cleaning (both on the filter bag), is by means of mechanical rapping device cyclical rotation of each row of filter bag to remove the filter The fouling on the bag.

3, artificial beating: is to use each person to beat the filter bag to remove the fouling on the filter bag.

Fiberglass Filter Cloth in use after a period of time there will be such a problem, these problems are enough to make us pay attention to, and only solve these small problems in order to make the entire dust removal equipment to normal smooth operation. Then the Fiberglass Filter Cloth is prone to problems What is the impact of factors, we can understand: First, the product quality Fiberglass Filter Cloth processing is particularly important. In recent years, some small manufacturers using small sewing machine for processing equipment, and processing with poor quality as raw materials, real ones, processing level is also far behind. So that the filter bag in the use of time is not long will be open line, cracks, out of the end and so on. Bags small size can also be used, but in the adsorption of a larger proportion of dust, the use of a period of time will be thrown out of the bag phenomenon. Second, the dust medium Fiberglass Filter Cloth fabric choice depends on the dust dust properties, to take into account whether the dust contains acid, alkali or highly aggressive substances. According to the nature of the dust selected for its filter, so that the bag can be the normal adsorption of dust, and does not affect its service life. Third, the use of temperature accurately selected for the corresponding dust Fiberglass Filter Cloth, is the filter bag hub. If the temperature is too high, the choice of Fiberglass Filter Cloth to exceed the normal use of temperature, filter bag light to shorten the service life, severe will burn in a short time. Therefore, in the choice of filter bag must be measured to calculate the dust collector inlet temperature, in the selection of the corresponding Fiberglass Filter Cloth. Fourth, filter the wind speed. Bag filter dust filter is too high, is the main reason for Fiberglass Filter Cloth damage.

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