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Fiberglass Filter Cloth Quality Assurance

Fiberglass Filter Cloth material, including continuous glass fiber woven cloth film filter, glass fiber yarn blister film filter and fiberglass needle felt film filter, glass fiber filter on the high temperature bag filter Has been widely used, the effect is excellent, especially in large high-temperature bag filter on the application is more common.

There are two kinds of domestic Fiberglass Filter Cloth media.

One is the international common hot-pressing technology, with this technology to produce Fiberglass Filter Cloth, dust removal efficiency, low running resistance, long life, no film off phenomenon, you can work long-term at 260 ℃ Under the conditions of the conditions (instantaneous temperature up to 300 ℃), the filter bag without any changes in the performance of the filter bag life of up to 2 years, hot pressing technology is internationally recognized as the most advanced technology, the world On several well-known companies to do the glass fiber filter media are also used in this technology, including the domestic plant, including three already have this technology, hot-pressing technology is a glass fiber coating filter quality The guarantee.

Another method is to use adhesive tape PTFE film bonded to the glass fiber cloth (referred to as the adhesive method), according to our many domestic adhesive film filter manufacturers of glass fiber coating products Performance test, the results show that the temperature is not enough, Adhesive Fiberglass Filter Cloth at a temperature of 100 ℃, the bonding adhesive has been melted, then the filter bag will appear the following questions:

1) film off, due to the melting of the adhesive, film filter film and the substrate between the coating fastness has been significantly reduced, then under the action of the cleaning gas will gradually push the film from the base cloth Down, causing the film off the phenomenon.

2) the resistance of the precipitator increases, according to the normal situation, the use of film filter bag filter should be low resistance, but the adhesive film filter at a temperature of 100 ℃ or more, the adhesive has melted, the adhesive after the filter bag The surface of the liquid state, resulting in a large number of dust was sticking to the bag surface, due to the adhesion of the adhesive strong, so the bag surface dust can not be cleared, but will seriously agglomerate, resulting in a substantial increase in resistance,Fiberglass Filter Cloth then if the filter bag Removed, you will find the filter bag has become a stiff state, the surface of the knot with a knife are difficult to scratch down.

3) filter bag life is short, because the bag surface all agglomeration, dust resistance increases, the filter bag will soon be blocked. We have seen a production of Jiangxi gas box pulse dust collector, filter bag is equipped with adhesive fiberglass needle felt film bag, in the boot four hours after the filter bag will be completely blocked. Guangxi, a ferroalloy enterprises at the same time using our factory hot-pressing glass fiber filter bag and other manufacturers adhesive film filter bag,Fiberglass Filter Cloth I plant hot-pressing glass fiber filter bag has been used for 18 months, is still in use , While the use of adhesive coating bag more than a month after the discovery of a large number of film off the phenomenon, while the dust resistance has reached more than 2000Pa, and resistance is still rising.

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