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Fiberglass Filter Cloth Paint Mist Isolation Effect Of Good Compression Performance

Fiberglass filter cotton and cotton in fact there are a variety of names, such as glass fiber paint resistance network, to cotton, cotton at the end of cotton, glass fiber paint varnish, paint fog felt, paint filter, just because the industry or personal preferences so called different Just now. Glass fiber paint mist filter cotton Why is it called cotton it, simple white point can be used on the ground, so called the cotton.

Fiberglass fog felt is composed of high-strength continuous monofilament glass fiber with increasing structure, high catching rate, good lacquer isolation effect, good compression performance, stable shape, and filter fiber for storage of paint mist ; Paint fog felt filter for the green and white, green surface for the air to the wind; with flexibility, low pressure loss, the paint mist has a good capture filter, paint fog felt in line with DIN4102 F1 strong temperature To 100% relative temperature of the temperature resistance; high temperature of 170.

Fiberglass Filter Cloth from the painting system of excessive paint, to avoid paint stains on the equipment to prevent damage to the surface of the painting and to protect the external environment, filter the paint particles in the room to reduce emissions of exhaust pollution.

Cotton to the beginning of the early resistance is low, paint fog isolation effect, positive and negative easy to area, there are shells, economical and practical characteristics of cotton to absorb the paint when the excessive production of excess particles, balance the operating space pressure, is a typical environmentally friendly materials The

Generally applicable to dry paint spray paint floor, car, furniture, mechanical parts of the dry paint system and workshop paint mist filter or kitchen smoke filter, so that the discharge of air does not pollute the environment.

Glass fiber cotton made of high quality glass fiber, the operation of glass fiber cotton and compressed air friction generated static electricity, more efficient absorption of the production of excess paint generated by excessive particles, to reduce environmental pollution, the use of glass fiber cotton can make air More environmentally friendly, the internal circulation of the air cleaner.

Regular replacement of fiberglass can prevent paint particles from clogging and polluting the environment. Glass fiber cotton for a variety of industrial paint filtration, such as furniture factory, automobile factory, electronics industry, pharmaceutical factory, food industry and other industries.

The paint-lacquer net is made of glass long fiber, made of non-woven structure, the fiber strength is good, the elasticity is good, the resistance of the paint dust is good, the resistance is low, the tapered structure can be blocked according to the dust particle size Different density of the level, dust capacity.

In a certain wind speed can still maintain the original shape, increase the life of the filter, reducing the cost of replacement, can be installed galvanized steel frame or aluminum alloy frame, can also be installed metal back net, can effectively support the filter to withstand large air volume Not easily deformed. Refractory paint for the general air-conditioning system into the wind coarse filter; dry coating works such as painting, car paint spray paint system; car spray paint floor, such as exhaust filter.

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