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Fiberglass Filter Cloth Continuously Improve And Product Applications

Fiberglass Filter Cloth is an artificial inorganic fiber material, the main raw material resources storage. Its own surface area is quite large, with superior strength, but also has a very good heat resistance and physical and chemical stability, and a certain degree of functional design, so that it is good for the functional materials and ecological environment materials. Fiberglass Filter Cloth as a new industry, since the late 20th century, the late 30s since the birth of 70 years has been great development. Its development history is its own production technology continues to improve and product applications continue to expand the two factors have always been mutual promotion process. This interactive process has led to the rapid growth of Fiberglass Filter Cloth production and variety, as well as the continuous improvement of labor productivity and product quality. China's Fiberglass Filter Cloth industry has entered the 21st century, efforts to implement the reform and opening up and scientific development policy. With the sustained and rapid development of the national economy and large pool kiln drawing new technology breakthrough, the development of faster, has become the world's largest producer.

1, Fiberglass Filter Cloth products as a filter bag material, dust in the gas, especially high temperature gas filtration, purification plays an important seat. Has been used for carbon black, cement, metallurgical and thermal industry, as well as incineration of flue gas and other areas of dust purification. German cement 90% of the exhaust gas is purified by bag filter, which makes the loss of cement dust is less than its output of 0.05%, a good protection of the local atmospheric environment. Japan fiberglass filter bag in all the amount of filter bags accounted for 58%. China's demand for environmental management to improve (such as the flue gas concentration has been mentioned below 50mg / m3, or even put 30mg / m3 standard requirements), the amount of bag and quality requirements also increased, such as the original charge Dust-based some of the occasion gradually changed to bag filter or bag combined. 20 million kilowatts of power plants and 5,000 tons / day cement production lines have been successfully used bag filter, so in recent years the rapid growth in the amount of bags in China in 2003 close to 20 million square meters in 2005 to 40 million square meters in 2006 reached 60 million square M, forecast 2010 annual growth rate will not be less than 20%. Fiberglass Filter Cloth filter bag organic fabric (cloth and expanded gauze), needle felt (fiberglass and heat-resistant chemical fiber composite) and film (PTFE film) and other forms of fabric, processed into bags, In the bag filter. China's glass filter bag accounted for the proportion of the total filter bag in about 1/3. In the filter efficiency and life expectancy of some chemical fiber materials and foreign competition. As long as we pay attention to play the characteristics of glass, to overcome its weaknesses, and seriously improve the filter bag production technology and quality, the market growth potential in this area will be great.

2, Fiberglass Filter Cloth reinforced plastic (FRP) can be used for waste gas, waste water treatment process of corrosion-resistant equipment, devices and structures. Such as coal-fired flue gas desulfurization equipment and supporting pipelines, sulfur-containing fluorine-containing flue gas exhaust after the exhaust fan, a number of sewage treatment devices and the corresponding corridors and operating platforms. FRP cooling tower is a key device for water recycling, is a significant advantage and not bad products.

3, in the underground environmental protection, foreign development, that is, and organic fiber materials, processed into geotextile materials for the loss of soil erosion; Fiberglass Filter Cloth spray on the ground can form a flexible porous felt, so as to protect the newly planted farmland from Scouring. These are available for our development.

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