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Fiberglass Filter Bags With Good Hydrophobicity

cess services, different production processes, the nature of its gas and dust are also different; in the choice of filter media, especially in the selection of Fiberglass Filter Bags filter , Should be combined with its production process to choose; such as dust in the dust dust is high, dust particles diameter, and low moisture content, dust particles are not easy to stick the process, should use a large amount of air permeability fabric filter - - satin or twill filter. Flue gas dust content is not very high, dust particles smaller, while easy to bond the process, should use a smaller permeability of the weave filter - broken denim filter.

2, according to the characteristics of dust-laden gas to select the nature of dust-containing gas is mainly temperature, humidity (dew point temperature), chemical composition and gas volume, etc .; where the temperature determines the structure of the dust removal equipment and filter selection, humidity and dew point temperature But also with the filter; the humidity or high dew point of the flue gas should be used a good treatment of hydrophobic treatment of Fiberglass Filter Bags filter material; chemical composition to consider the choice of the appropriate filter without chemical corrosion. Gas volume is the main factor to determine the size of the dust collector, the anti-blowing bag dust collector, the use of Fiberglass Filter Bags yarn filter, the filtration rate of not more than 0.6m / min. Linzhou Guangyuan New Material Co., Ltd. specializes in the supply of Fiberglass Filter Bags yarn, electronic grade Fiberglass Filter Bags yarn. Adhere to the domestic leading professional production of electronic-grade glass enterprises, and strive to promote the industry structure optimization, industrial upgrading of the important forces, continue to uphold the Group "self-reliance, hard work, unity and cooperation, selfless dedication" spirit, and strive to do the global electronic grade Fiberglass Filter Bags industry most worthy of customer trust partners. Product specifications are G75, G37, DE75, DE37, DE300, E110, E225, D450 series yarn and 7628,2116,1080 electronic cloth and so on.

3, according to the nature of the dust to choose the nature of the dust mainly in the concentration, particle size, viscosity and corrosive, etc., is also the main factor affecting the choice of dust filter. Dust concentration, should take a lower filtration speed, should also consider the use of negative pressure design and storage, discharge capacity; dust concentration is low, should be appropriate to select a higher filter wind speed. When the dust concentration is very low, consider the positive pressure design to reduce the cost of equipment. For coarse-grained dust, priority should be given to the intake mode. On the viscosity of the dust, should use a good surface finish filter. And corrosive dust should try to reduce the filtration rate and attention to the uniformity of air distribution in order to extend the life of the filter bag.

4, according to the filter treatment agent formula to use a variety of different formulations of Fiberglass Filter Bags filter, the use of different conditions. FCA formula series: long-term use temperature should be below 180 ℃; the recipe treatment of the filter has a good hydrophobic, suitable for high moisture content of industrial flue gas purification, such as a variety of materials dryer exhaust dust. Psi formula series: long-term use temperature up to 280 ℃, for carbon black, cement shaft kiln, coal-fired boilers and other high-temperature flue gas dust. Fs2 formula series: the working temperature is not greater than 280 ℃, suitable for smelting industry blast furnace, converter, electric furnace and other dust point of dust dust control. FQ formula series: the working temperature below 260 ℃; with a certain degree of hydrophobicity and corrosion resistance, such as cement rotary kiln, carbon black and other dust control. RH formula series: has a good acid resistance, high temperature 280 ℃, suitable for dealing with high acid content, temperature, humidity fluctuations in dust-laden smoke.

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