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Dust Cloth Damage Reasons And Treatment Methods

If signs of damage from the outside in, broken in bags on the vertical bars of thecage, that is cause filter bag cage deformation and friction between the bag making it defective, replace the bag cage to avoid breakage.

Progressive wear on the filter bags filter surface, mainly in the lower part of the bag support ring of the cage, and far too little upper. Such damages are erosion-caused smog, air distribution is the problem, excessive filtration velocity and other causes.

Lateral damaged much of the lower part of the filter bags can be found in 300mmat the bottom of the filter bag, worn on one side, lower part is most serious, lighter upward. Local sewing thread is breaking, no worn by location with good sewing thread strength. Such damage found in the porous plate, perforated plate spacingis too close, long bag, filter bag cage deformation and other causes. Individual filter bags and filter breakage of wall friction. Such damage need strict checking levelof porous plate, errors to one square metre of small, 1/1000, well-made bag cageshould be used.

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