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About The PPS The Technical Parameters Of Filter Cloth

PPS fiber (polyphenylene ether)

Features: 1.38g/cm3 density, tensile strength 5.0g/d, limiting oxygen index by 34, isa crystalline high performance engineering thermoplastics, with heat resistance, chemical resistance, flame retardant properties.Filter performance: can in 190 ℃ of temperature Xia continuous using, instantaneous temperature can up 200 ℃ (annual cumulative 400 hours following); resistance chemical sex very good, is anti-acid alkaline is strong of fiber; its shortcomings is anti-oxidation sex poor, requirements O2 content is less than 14% (Vol), and NOX is less than 600mg/Nm3, in using in the, containing oxygen volume more high, by using of temperature will more low. PPS filter media with strong corrosion resistance functions and better dimensional stability, in the dust and ash have excellent performance.

Typical use is the municipal waste incinerators, utility boilers, coal-burning boiler, incinerator, cogeneration boilers in hospitals of the pulse bag filter. Also can be used to replace other stand up to high temperatures or chemicals and do not damp-resistant synthetic fiber.

PPS resistant needled felt bag

Working temperature of 190 degrees, short-time working temperature 232 ° c, melting point of 285 deg c and limiting oxygen index 34~35. Oxygen levels at or below 15% are applicable. Fuel containing sulfur or sulfur oxides in flue gas, has proved it is acid-resistant and alkali corrosion and chemical resistance strong fibers. Moisture in the flue. At a temperature of 190 ° c ~232 ° c under industrial conditions,gas distribution ratio of 5:1 to do online cleaning and gas than 6:1 when the offline deashing, PPS bag has excellent performance records. PPS fibre with complete retention of strength and inherent chemical resistance, you can maintain good performance in the harsh environment and achieve the desired service life. Filter in coal-fired boilers, incinerators, ash and dust treatment in pulse cleaning dust catcher,PPS felt filter is an ideal filter material.

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