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Why the lime kiln need the filter bag for dust filtration ?

Limestone is the basic raw material for chemical industry, metallurgical industry and construction industry. In order to produce high-quality chemical products, cement and other products, limestone raw materials must be processed to meet production demands.

During the processing will produce large of dust in the lime dust collection and processing processes (transportation, drying, crushing, screening and packaging, etc.), if not recovery of the collection timely, the dust not only pollute the environment, Seriously affecting the health of post operators, but also a waste of valuable energy and resources. Therefore, lime dust must be collected.

The main hazards of lime kiln dust can be summarized as the following:

  1. Harm to human health

  2. Explosion hazard

  3. Impact on visibility

  4. Impact on buildings, plants and animals

  5. Impact on equipment and products


AOKAI Enviro-tech specialized manufacture the filter bag for bag house, supply the customized service to meet the customer different working condition demand, we select premium fiber with advanced technology produce the filter cloth, every square meters filter cloth will after heat set treatment, keep the size have good stability. Will according the different material treat the felt with : singeing, glazed, coating, dipping, membrane, water-oil proof. Produce technology strict according to the customer require or drawing to make the customize service to ensure all bags can fit the tube sheet perfectly, avoid the dust leakage from the cell plate opening.

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