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Which filter bag can choose while the dust moisture content large

In some working conditions, the dust generated by the larger moisture content, increasing the difficulty of dust removal. In view of this situation, AoKai suggest using water repellent dust filter bag for dust collection. Our water-oil repellent dust filter bag by calendering, water repellent lotion dipping, can be used in larger moisture content of the occasion.

Industrial non-woven  needle punched felt of 100% nomex fiber (7).jpg

The filter media is not easy to clog and paste bag after the chemical treatment, which extend the service life of the dust bag. By increasing the gas flow rate, can save a lot of replacement and maintenance cost.

n recent years, Aokai select the premium quality water and oil chemical lotion to produced related filter cloth.

After a variety of filter media treated with water and oil repellent additives, molecular barriers can be formed around the fiber surface to prevent water and various oil stains from sticking and penetrating. This product is especially suitable for filtering occasions in the rainy and air humidity


Industrial non-woven  needle punched felt of 100% nomex fiber (6).jpg

The filter cloth that can treat water-oil repellent has: Polyester, Acrylic (for continuous operating temperature of 130 , instantaneous operating temperature of 150 ℃), polypropylene (continuous operating temperature of 90 ℃, instantaneous operation Temperature of 100 ℃), PPS (for continuous operating temperature of 160 ℃, instantaneous operating temperature of 190 ℃), Aramid (for continuous operating temperature of 204 ℃, the instantaneous operating temperature of 240 ℃ conditions ).

 Water-repellent and dust-proof dust-proof cloth bag not only improves the waterproof and oil-proof characteristics of the dust-catching cloth bag, but also strengthens the ability of dust-dusting cake to fall off. It has been well applied in occasions with large dust and moisture content.

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