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what factors will affect the dust bag use from flue gas content?

According to the content of gas, the factors of affect dust bag use as follow:

1. corrosion. When burning high-sulfur coal or flue gas without desulfurization, the concentration of sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides will be very high, except the material of Fiberglass or PTFE filter bag, the other chemical fiber materials will be Corrosion damage, so that dust bag life will be shortened.

2. high temperature. The bag filter mainly application in industrial boiler, fluidized-bed combustion boiler, furnace boiler and coal fired boiler gas dedusting. such flue gas temperatures are often higher, the temperature of the gas into the dust collector generally about 90 ℃ ~ 280 ℃. Therefore, the performance of ordinary chemical fiber at this temperature will be affected, then the bag filter must use high temperature fiber material.

3. Moisture. When working under high temperature, the moisture content of dust in the flue gas exceeds            25%, the dust will produce sticky bags and bag clogged. If the hydrolysis resistance of the material is not          high, the hydrolysis will also make the filter cloth damaged.

4. Oxidation. Flue gas on the dust bag has a certain degree of oxidation, because the oxygen in the air accounted for 21%, so the dust bag at work will be deeply affected, if you want to avoid this situation, we must choose some dust with anti-oxidation filter Cloth bag, such as dust bag made of PTFE Teflon material.non woven polyester felt (2).jpg

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