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what characteristic of filter bag with PTFE membrane?

Dust filter bag membrane process is based on the ordinary filter cloth, coated on its surface with a special nature of the filter to make it a more sophisticated film, that can make the dust filter bag dust removal efficiency higher, and extend the filter bag service life. 

Filter bag with PTFE membrane will have the advantage as follow:

1. Dust filter effectively. commonly, industrial filter bags were filtration deeply through the filter bag surface to achieve effective filtration. However, it takes a long time to form effective filtration, which is about 10% of the whole filtration process. The resistance is relatively large and the efficiency is also very low. The dust entrapment is not complete and the pressure during filtration and air reverse is quite high. Cleaning frequently, the service life of the filter bag will not keep longer. But if use PTFE membrane filter bag, then can achieve the surface be filtered, whether coarse or fine dust. The dust is deposited on the surface of the filter material, the membrane itself only intercept the filter pore size, no initial filter period, the beginning is effective filtration, nearly 100% of the time in the filter.   

2. continuous work under low pressure loss. The common filter media when put into use, then dust penetration and formed a layer of dust, the permeability will rapidly decline. If the filter cloth treat with membrane, when the dust thickness on surface accumulate to a certain extent, it will automatic off, so that the filter bag filter pressure is always maintained at a very low level, the air flow is always maintained at a high level, can continuous work.

3. Easy to dust cleaning. The operating pressure of every filter cloth will depends on the dust left rate on the surface after dust cleaning. The membrane filter bag dust cleaning time is short, have very good performance for dust clean, every time dust can cleaned clearly, inside of the filter cloth will not be blocked and don’t change the porosity and density, can keep continuous working under the lower pressure loss.  

4. Reliability. The membrane filter cloth have high performance with the dust cleaning whatever which kind of dust cleaning type. It compound by strong and soft fiber and basic material, good mechanical strength and dust remove performance, under the low pressure loss working condition can extend the service life compare the common material. 

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