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What affects the filtration efficiency of the dust collector bag?

Dust filter bag filtration efficiency can be as high as 90% or more, because of its high efficiency so that it ranks first in the dust filtration industry. The reasonable design, accurate production and the correct installation are to ensure the efficiency of the basic requirements, but not  only compete this so will be not worry about the efficiency of dust bag, because in use, there will be some factors affect its efficiency. For example, the temperature and humidity of the flue gas is a factor affecting its efficiency.


Then what factors will affect the efficiency of the dust bag? 

First, the temperature and humidity of the flue gas, if the flue gas contains a lot of water, or the flue gas temperature drops to the dew point or near the dew point, the water is very easy in the dust filter bag condensation, condensation will not fall off, Dust catcher mesh is blocked, that is commonly referred to as the paste bag, so that dust can not continue. Therefore, the gas pipeline and dust collector shell must be insulated, to minimize air leakage, to ensure that the flue gas temperature is higher than the dew point of 20 ℃ or more.

Second, the dust content of dust and filtration rate. Flue gas filtration speed is generally 0.5 ~ 1.5m/min.

When the filter speed is constant, the dust concentration increases, so that the unit time settling on the dust in the dust collector bag increases, the filter resistance will increase, the concentration will increase; if the dust concentration is certain, the filter wind speed, settling per unit time The amount of dust on the dust filter bag will increase, resulting in increased resistance, affecting the service life of the bag; if both are increased, the filter resistance will increase more, the reason can be seen, inappropriate filtering Wind speed will affect the dust filter bag filtration efficiency.

Third, the dust collector bag cleaning cycle, if frequent cleaning, easy to cause damage to the dust bag, this will not only affect the efficiency of dust bag filter, but also cause it to shorten the service life. otherwise, if the extension of the cleaning cycle, Resulting in dust filter bag dust layer plotting thicker, increased resistance, so that the filter dust efficiency, so a reasonable cleaning cycle is to ensure that the dust bag dust removal efficiency of the main points.

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