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Want to achieve the purpose of rapid dust removal? Looking here!

Easy cleaning filter needle punched felt using non-woven punched process, and made by heat-setting and other processing methods treatment. This kind of filter cloth have good air permeability, after heat treat the surface is smooth, difficult to deform and easy to clean dust. If make the water oil proof treat on this felt, it can be well applied to high moisture content or a small amount of oil dust conditions, not only to prevent the bag, but also to extend its use life.

The material available for make easy dust cleaning treatment has: Polyester, Polypropylene, Acrylic, under the ordinary temperature, we usually suggest the polyester.

Polyester non-woven filtration material (2).jpg

The filter material surface smoothness has a very big influence on the dynamic resistance. The initial resistance is determined by the air permeability, while the resistance during operation is larger than the initial resistance. Run resistance depends on the smoothness of the filter surface, cleaning effect etc., generally hope that the filter material to ensure that same filtration efficiency,  better ventilation, the lower resistance as possible, because it can save a lot of energy.

 The type of dust collector using air flow reverse , when clean the dust under the same pressure and air flow, select the high air permeability filter bag when the cleaning effect is better than lower air permeability.  

Therefore, to ensure the filter media to achieve a high filtration accuracy, how to improve the permeability of the filter media and improve the surface smoothness, reduce dust adhesion, reduce operational resistance is a important project that need to filter cloth manufacturer to research.

AoKai Enviro-tech produced the dust easy cleaning needle felt, the air permeability better than ordinary needle felt only treat with calendaring, the surface smoothness is also higher.

So this type of filter media become a good choice in industrial dust filtration because of the surface smooth, excellent air permeability, lower resistance.

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