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The filter bag in cement plant

Product introduction


The fliter bag almost covers the entire process of cement production,it is more important to choose the filter bag and the filter bag cage .The dust gas series , quality concentration ,gas composition ,temperature ,pressure, wet, dew point ,the character of the dust(easy to explode) can directly influence the choice of the filter bag in cement dust collector manufacturer. Aokai according to different of crusher,dryer,coal mill,raw mill,kiln head,kiln tail,vertical mill,cement grinding mill working condition to provide the match cement filter bag to come true high efficiency dedusting and cost reduction .


The choice of aokai cement filter bag

1. CaCo3 and auxiliary raw material across the breaker to collect the dust ,it will produce large amount of powder dust and much more moisture and low dust discharge and can work under the normal temperature .we choice high-quality and low price polyester filter bag or polyester water proof filter bag when it has large amount of moisture on the cement breaker dust collector machine .

2. The materials are scattered into pieces after reasonable ingredients measurement then though the raw meal grinding to continue power treatment ,The humidifying tower can get the heat from preheater then make the hot moisture into the raw meal to reduce the concentration of the dust.The dust power through the raw material to collect dust,we suggest you that use normal temperature without using the conditioning tower ,if not you should choose polyester water proof filter bag .

3. Next it will through the burning process ,that is collect dust for cement rotary kiln.During the collecting process in the head of kiln ,it creates the high temperature and large concentration  dust power ,we suggest to use the ptfe acid and alkai resistant treatment aramid fiber bag or FMS filter bag . The FMS filter bag ask for the lower velocity of filtering in the dust collector and lower price .It has the same high temperature and sulfuric acid , nitric acid and strong corrosive gas in the end of the kiln ,we suggest to use pps filter bag or FMS coating filter bag .Otherwise because of the high temperature and high moisture in the shaft kiln ,it is widely used fiberglass cloth or fiber laminating filter bag to collect dust .

4. The material through cooling to be semi-finished product ,a part of material through coal mill collect dust then back to the rotary kiln and decomposition furnace .The dust in the coal mill is easy to explode,we widely choice polyester anti-static filter bag .The other part of sintering semi-finished product through collect dust by cement grinding mill to be finished cement and should use normal temperature filter bag to collect dust  in this area .

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