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Pulse jet bag filter inspection filter bag steps

1.Determine the location of damaged bags.

Close the filtration compartments promote valve, observe the chimney exit concentration changes, the export emission concentration decreases or disappears, that compartment has broken bag. Close this chamber poppet valve, continue to close the next chamber  valve to check, until all the broken bags to find in the compartments. 

2.Search the damaged bags in the indoor location

Open breaking the bag chamber where the inspection door, you can clearly see around the tube sheet and poppet valve has dust.  With a flashlight from the bag cage top, if the bags bottom has the dust, there may be is a damaged bag, marked with chalk, then check all the bags, especially the tube sheet has dust should be check more carefully.  

All bags need to find out then make treatment, can not treat while check, it is easy to damage the scene, affecting the other bag inspection. This one is very important, the following discussion of the blowout bag filter inspection and processing should be carried out according to this request.

3.Treatment the damage filter bag

Replaced the damaged bag, if there is no spare bags, the cell plate hole can be temporarily closed, the way include: sealing up, or taking out the bag cage and bagging. After treatment the broken bags, clean all dust imprint.

4.Close all damaged bag inspection door, making treatment to the next one. 

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