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Installation of the dust bag

1. Hand bag open end while keeping the rest folded filter bags and folding part of the filter bag into sleeve through the plate. Under the collapsed part of the filter bag in the plate opens, open at the top of the filter bag, grooved-frame cushion coil on the Board on the sleeve.

2. Let the weight of the bag itself slowly fixed position, metal ring out from the topfilter bag sleeve. Inside the sleeve installed in the plate hole.

3. Hand grooved gasket coil (do not have to pull up the filter bag), hands to pressure it into spring ring "c" shape. While keeping the spring ring "c" shape at the same time, place the Groove-shaped coils protruding side to the recent plate hole.Holding has assembled a good uplift "c" springs loop side, one hand raised "c" shaped fixing plate.

4. Fixed uplift "c" springs loop position, one hand slowly stretch opened on the other side of the spring ring. Spring ring groove just embedded in the plate hole.

5. If the spring ring fully stretched when not able to hear "pop" sound, to hand thethumb ring to the plate spring mouth pushed to the edge, slot for the spring ringembedded in the plate hole.

6. The General should be able to hear "pop" sound, or buckling spring ring from another location into the "c" shape. Lift the spring ring above the plate, and then repeat the installation steps.

7. Installing the dust bag frame into the filter bag. At the time of installation, be sure to note the frame slowly into the bag, if resistance is large, you must back up and then gently put aside, if resistance is large, then repeat until you can easily put down. Prevent scratch frame corner bag! frame hit the filter bag is strictly prohibited!

8. Ensure that the sealing gasket of the filter bag can be a good seal with the platehole surface.

9. Install filter bag frame positioning or fastening, determine the filter bags filter bag frame gasket in the right to work under pressure.

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