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How to treat when the filter bag clogged?

Dust bag in use for some time, the filter bag surface will be condensation, knot blocking phenomenon, if you continue to use, will increase the probability of dust bagging and aging, affecting the use of dust bag, but will also cause industrial problems. For dust bagging and aging reasons, Aokai provide a series of maintenance methods.

1. Dust filter bag damage. The shape of the bag and the method of installing the bag and the mechanism determine the position where the bag is easily damaged, and the mechanical breakage, chemical corrosion, acid-base corrosion and high-temperature cauterization can lead to the breakage of the dust bag, so that we can inspect and repair it.

2. The dust bag aging. Mainly due to the following reasons, to conduct a cause investigation, take measures to eliminate and replace the bag.

1) due to abnormal high temperature and hardening shrinkage;

2) due to acid, alkali or organic solvent vapor contact reaction;

3) react with the water properly.

3. Filter cloth should not hang too loose or too tight, loose too easy to dust, too tight easy to pull bad.

4. The new bag should not be mixed with old, to avoid different damage time,not effect the equipment normal operation. 

5. The bag after replacement need to conduct a professional cleaning process. First blow with compressed air, and then check if have holes, holes have been repaired to be replaced. If the bag was dusted with dust, rinse with water, after drying to be replaced.

6. Dust bag clogging. When the bag was clogged, the resistance increased, present by the reading of the differential pressure gauge increases.bag clogged main reason was caused by the bag wear and tear, perforation, shedding.

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