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How to extend the life of filter bag in power plant?

1. The filter bag from oil mist hazards prevention

When the boiler start and load reduced operating put in to the fuel, At this moment, the oil mist carried in the flue gas will endanger the filter bag, and should be taken the prevention of pre-dust.

Prior to ignition of the boiler or before use the new filter bag, put fly ash sprayed into the bag filter so that a layer of dust is attached to the surface of the filter bag to prevent the oil mist in the flue gas from directly contacting with the filter bag to avoid filter bag damage. In the production process, in case of load-reducing fuel injection combustion, the same is also injected into the fly ash, the use of higher concentrations of dust adsorption mist, to avoid bag damage. Whether to enable the dusting device when the boiler reduces the load for fueling and combusting depends on the oil burning condition, and if the oil burns more completely, the dusting device may not be started.

2. Prevention of abnormal high temperature flue gas hazards

Abnormal high temperature boiler flue gas will burn out the filter bag, bag filter is the focus of prevention,  dust removal system is also the key to the preparation and function, set the emergency spray cooling device. Nozzles are located in the flue in front of the precipitator, grouping, temperature rise, the number of nozzles is also enabled, when the spray is not used, the nozzle relies on very little fresh air self-purification cleaning and computer control.

3. Precautionary against harmful effects of flue gas at low temperature

When the boiler ignition or low load operation (especially in winter), flue gas temperature is low, if the occurrence of condensation may alarm immediately, and can start the dusting device, the use of fly ash alkaline powder adsorption and neutralization to Inhibit the generation of acid dew, protect the filter bag from acid mist drip corrosion. In addition, with the boiler production, by adjusting the amount of air preheater bypass flue gas or hot air circulation and other measures to control the exhaust temperature is not too low.

4. Prevention of “four tubes”Explosion Hazard

When the "four tubes" blasting is not serious, the water vapor content in the flue gas will increase, but in a short period of time will not affect the duster ash and filter media life, the selected filter media has good resistance to hydrolysis, and do Anti-oil waterproof treatment, filter selection will fully take this into account. When the "four tube" blasting serious, it will significantly affect the boiler production, maintenance shutdown should be shut down. If necessary, can also enable the dusting system or speed up cleaning frequency and other aids.

5. Prevention of acid corrosion of the filter material

Acid corrosion is manifested in two aspects: one is the corrosion of acid gases, the other is acid dew point corrosion. Needle felt filter itself has good acid resistance, if you burn low-sulfur coal, under normal circumstances can be safe to use; in order to prevent the acid dew point, insulation measures should be considered, air leakage measures, anti-corrosion surface of the dust collector, spray Powder adsorption acid mist measures, automatic control and protection measures, with particular emphasis on the operation of the dust removal system to work closely with the boiler process by controlling the air preheater by-pass or hot air circulation and other means to control the exhaust gas temperature is higher than the acid dew point.

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