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How To Cooling Pulse Bag Filter High Temperature Flue Gas?

How to cooling Pulse bag filter high temperature flue gas?

Cool with water: Divided into two ways, a direct high-temperature flue gas spray, cooling, can be used as a special spray cooling tower, section cooling tower section speed is usually 2-3.5 m / s, in order to prevent the water mist into the pulse bag Duster, temperature control system to adjust the amount of water.

Another approach is the use of cooling water pipes, installed in the pipeline transporting gas to prevent water mist into the pulse bag filter and corrosion problems, this approach cooling capacity, occupy less space, there may be mist Into a pulse bag filter, make it damp or corrosive.

Natural cooling, lengthening the length of the pipe carrying the gas, the natural convection of the pipe with the ambient air, and the radiating effect of the heat allow the gas to cool down. Used for metal pipes, for the longer interval can be used as s-type, this approach is simple, the cooling is weak, occupy a larger space.

Mixed reference to cold air, the ambient air inhalation of a certain amount, refers to mixing with high temperature flue gas to reduce the temperature, the use of capture hood to capture high temperature flue gas, inhaled ambient air together, this approach despite the simple, But the volume of filter gas to add many.


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