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Glass fiber acupuncture felt products

The filter is for power station coal-fired boilers, waste incineration furnace bag type dust collector in the shortcomings of traditional single filter performance developed into, performance can replace imports of high-grade compound filter, importfilter bag on prices significantly.

Jibute: glass fibre yarns for chemical surface treatment, increase the fiber folding resistance, abrasion resistance, improve the toughness of yarn strength and yarn forming the outer surface coating PTFE coated, so that the original does not have the chemical resistance of glass fiber with acid alkali, oxidation resistance. Treated glass fibre yarns both inherent in glass fiber high temperature resistance, good dimensional stability characteristics, and good chemical resistance of PTFE surface is obtained. Of the coated yarn into cloth, made by chemical treatment, repair of fabric yarn coating damage in the process, make the film more complete, weaving theoverall Better performance. As with this woven needle felt base cloth, a traditionalcloth for better performance and longer service life.

Gradient acupuncture felt characteristics: will variety resistance high temperature, and resistance chemical sex good of fiber (containing imports chemical fiber, according to workers condition conditions selection different varieties) by reasonable ratio Combs acupuncture, acupuncture felt and dust contact up intercept dust role of surface used super fine fiber, middle-tier used fine fiber and plating film fabric composition more high strength of filter material reinforced body, acupuncture felt and bags cage contact of back layer used wear CF, makes filter material overall Shang formed first fine Hou rough of gradient fiber pore, Trace through the filter surface of ultra fine dust particles into the filter after the internal channels increasing, filter not blocked by dust. Due to the filter using composite materials, acupuncture into felt and PTFE impregnated filter using a variety of material properties deficiencies remedied, and overall better performance. The filter material in the acid, antioxidant, ash anti-blocking properties compared to traditional needle felt more focused, can be widely used in thermal power plants, waste incineration, steel and otherindustries of the complex conditions of flue gas.

Function filter features: coating the back of the fabric does not come into contactwith dust abrasion resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, good fiber acupuncture felt, needle felt processed by PTFE impregnated, and dust exposure without a needle coated substrate surface using PTFE-coated handle. The species filter material and bags cage contact of back layer used wear fiber acupuncture felt, strengthening has filter bags of wear performance; and powder layer contact of surface used PTFE film formed of surface filter layer, clear gray Hou not change pore rate, filter efficiency high, filter Hou flue gas in the dust close zero emissions, so the species filter material applies flue gas workers condition complex, dust requirements high of industry.

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