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Garbage incineration power plant filter bag

Waste incineration power plant filter bag consider the following factors : high temperature and acid and alkali and antioxidant resistance .Otherwise ,because it has large number of gas moisture ,the hydrolysis resistance is necessary for select the material of the filter bag .

Ptfe filter bag is made of unique material and fit for the mal -condition of corrosion resistance and high requirement use life .it can use as 240 long term working temperature and 260 short working temperature .According to the different working condition ,it can be coated after treatment .

PTFE filter bag widely used for chemical , waste incineration high temperature resistance liquid filter and so on ,and used for the gas treatment of coal ,waste burning,carbon production and TiO2 production

The character of ptfe needle felt

1. Work as long time 240℃ ,short time 260

2. Corrosion resistance : it doest afraid of acid-base and oxidation except halogenation amine and aromatic hydrocarbon

3. Flame resistance

4. Weather resistance

5. Fatigue resistance

6. Satisfy the worst working condition and more longest life 

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