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Fiberglass Composite filter bag high effecieny filter the high temperature gas

Fiberglass composite needle felt dust filter bag mainly to non-alkali glass fiber-based raw materials, the use of high-count composite fiber yarn, sub-silk into acupuncture. Aokai according to the different temperature, manufacture different type of the composite needle felt, such as: 200℃,220℃,240℃,260℃.

The performance has a good heat-resistant, flame retardant, anti-corrosion effect, small gas filtration resistance. Application in the steel, smelting, ferroalloy, chemical, cement, calcium carbide industry.

Glass fiber composite needle felt dust bag not only has the advantages with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, lower elongation shrinkage rate, high strength , and the carpet fiber was single fiber, three-dimensional porous structure, high porosity, resistance to gas filtration, this is a high efficiency and high-temperature filter material. Compared with other high temperature felt, it has the special advantages of the lower price, higher temperature resistance, but its running resistance is higher than the general chemical fiber filter fabric.

Fiber glass composite needle felt filter bag

Fiber construction: non-alkali glass fiber 

Acid resistant: Excellent 

Hydrolysis Resistant: Good 

Oxidation Resistant: Excellent

Operate temperature: 200℃~260℃

Break strength(N): warp≧1800  weft ≧1800

Pulse jet dust collector filter bags.jpg

The Features:

1. Good thermal insulation: According to the physical principle, the thermal conductivity of the gas is small, there have a lot of air holes in the thermal insulation material. And the fiberglass needle felt fibers appear irregular arrangement, as an excellent insulation material

2. Flame Resistant : The main component of glass fiber is silicide (accounting for more than 50%), with non-flammable, no deformation, no embrittlement.

3. Insulation: glass fiber can be high temperature, good mechanical and chemical stability, is the best insulating material;

4. Corrosion resistance: glass is not afraid of strong acid, alkali (hydrofluoric acid, except concentrated phosphoric acid) A long time will not reduce its functional characteristics

5. Weight: Compared with other heat insulation materials, the quality of the glass fiber composite needle felt is soft. If it is installed on a machine, the load on the weight and vibration can be reduced.

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