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Dust bag selection factors

Dust bag is dust heart. so critical to select a good dust bag dust collector. the dust bag, its temperature is due to two factors, the first is the maximum withstand temperature of the filter, and the second is the gas temperature must be above the dew point temperature. At present, due to the large selection of glass fiber filter material, the maximum use temperature up to 280 ° c, above this temperature the gas cooling measures must be taken, to below the dew point temperature of the gastemperature and measures must be taken.

1, Filter air capacity (Q)

Air capacity refers to the filter in the purge gas volume per unit of time. Unit of cubic metres per hour (m3/h) or cubic meters per hour (Nm3/h). Is one of the most important factors in dust bag design.

Designed according to the wind or when dust bag is selected, generally cannot run filter in the set volume, otherwise, prone to clogging of the filter bag, reduced life expectancy, increased pressure loss, the dust removal efficiency to reduce but also air volume selected cannot be too big, the increased investment in equipment and covers an area of. Choice of reasonable handling of air flow is often the technology and experience to decide.

2, Pressure

Dust bag operation are based on before and after the filter unit and the static pressure of the fan depends on the location and installation, is also the design voltage of the dust bag. Inlet concentration of dustEntrance of dust concentration, which is determined by the technology of dust, in the design or when dust bag is selected, it is second only to air capacity is an important factor. Expressed as g/m3 or g/Nm3.

3, Export concentration of dust

Export concentration of dust emission concentration of dust collector, representation with the inlet concentration of dust, dust concentration of exports in local environmental requirements or user requirements as the standard, dust bag emission concentration can reach 50 g/Nm3.

4, Pressure lossPressure loss of dust bag is the gas pressure drop from inlet to outlet of electrostatic precipitator, or resistance. Pressure loss of dust bag depends on the following three factors:

⑴ Structure of pressure loss.

⑵ Filter pressure loss. Filter properties (porosity).

Layer of dust accumulation on the filter pressure loss.

5, Dust bag, dust concentration at the entrance will have a direct effect of the following factors:

⑴  Pressure loss and cleaning cycles. Inlet concentration dust faster on the same filter area, pressure loss increases, the result is to increase frequency of cleaning.

⑵  Bag and body wear. In cases with strong abrasive dust, wear can be consideredproportional to the concentration of dust.

  Taking of dust it is necessary. Taking of dust in front of the entrance to the dust collector is an additional level of dust removal equipment, also known as pre-dedusting.

⑷  Mode of operation. Dust bag are divided into positive and negative pressure operation, in order to reduce fan wear, the inlet concentration should not be usingpositive pressure mode of operation.

⑸  -Ash-ash discharge capacity of the device. Ash plant ash discharge capacity should be able to discharge all of the dust-dust dust concentration multiplied by the volume is equal to the entrance.

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