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Do you know the filtering performance of dust bag? look here!

Dust filter bag is a key part of the operation of bag filter. In order to make the dust collector effectively separate the dust from the flue gas, the fabric and design of the dust bag should be pursued as high efficiency as possible and easy to be stripped of dust and durable. We can start from the filter performance of the dust bag and the actual operating conditions, select the excellent filter material to achieve effective dust dust removal.

The filtration performance commonly include: dust filter bag efficiency, resistance, permeability, dust holding capacity, service life etc

Filtration efficiency- Filtration efficiency of the filter material concern with the filter structure, also depends on the filter layer formed on the dust, from the filter structure, the filter effect of  staple fibers better than the filament, Felt filter fabric better than woven filter Material. From the formation of the dust layer, the thin filter cloth, after cleaning, the dust layer is destroyed, a lot of efficiency was reduced, and thick filter,cloth after cleaning can also retain part of the dust in the filter, to avoid excessive cleaning. In general, in the case of the filter is not broken, can achieve high filtration efficiency. So, as long as the design parameters properly selected, bag filter dust removal effect should be no problem

Dust capacity. Dust holding capacity also known as dust load, refers to the amount of dust accumulated per unit area of the filter to achieve a given resistance value. The dust holding capacity affect the filter resistance and cleaning cycle. In order to avoid frequent cleaning, to extend the life of the filter bag, the general requirements of the filter dust holding capacity larger. Dust holding capacity and filter porosity, air permeability, felt filter fabric dust holding capacity bigger than the woven filter fabric.

Permeability and resistance. Permeability refers to the amount of gas passing through the filter media at a certain pressure differential. The resistance of the filter is directly related to the air permeability. As the calibration of the constant pressure differential ventilation value, the value of different countries. Air permeability depends on the fiber fineness, the type of fiber and textile methods. Air permeability generally refers to the permeability of the cleaning filter. When dust bag dust accumulation, the permeability to be reduced.

Media life. Media life refers to the filter under normal conditions of use damaged time. Media service time depends on filter media two factors by itself quality and using conditions.

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