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Classification of the filter bag

1. According to the shape of the cross section of the filter bag can be divided into:flat bag (trapezoidal and flat) and round (cylindrical).

2. In and out of the wind is divided into: on the lower air intake air and motivatedwind wind and DC-(only plate flat bag).

3. Press the filter into the filter bag: the outer filter and the inner filter.

4. According to the use of the environment and temperature of the filter bag procedures are divided into: normal temperature and mild temperatures.

Filter fibre, cotton, wool or synthetic fibers, glass fibers, fibers woven into the filtermaterial has different properties. Commonly used filter 208 or 901 polyester round flannel, temperature is generally not more than 120 ℃, Tong resin processing ofsilica glass fiber filter bags, temperature is generally not exceeding 250 ℃, cottonand woolen fabrics usually applied to corrosion temperature 80-90 ℃ the following dust-containing gas.

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